Alii Kai Dinner Cruise
Ruler of the Sea

alii kai dinner cruise

Cheap Hawaii Dinner Cruise

The Alii Kai dinner cruise has the best bang for the buck for those on a budget or looking to economize on a memorable special evening. At under $100 per person (less for kids) this is a cheap Hawaii dinner cruise. It's got entertainment, dinner, great views, a beverage and roundtrip transportation built into this low price. If you want to dance and be entertained and get some great views of Waikiki this is a good option.

Options and General Information


The Boat

alii kai dinner cruise boat

The Alii Kai boat means "Ruler of the Sea". It's an older looking boat that honestly could use a makeover but the breezes and views are on par with any of the nicer boats. I feel that the wideness of the boat makes for a very comfortable, stable ride and the observation deck on top are ideal for photo taking.


alii kai dinner cruise diamond head view

Views of Diamond Head and the Gold Coast

alii kai dinner cruise waikiki view

Classic Waikiki Views

Observation Deck

alii kai dinner cruise observation deck

Large Observation Deck Great for Taking Photos & Enjoying Views

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Alii Kai Dinner Cruise Packages

The Alii Kai offers 2 types of dining packages: The Makahiki Dinner Buffet or the Hukilau Clambake. The dinner buffet is good for families and larger groups although smaller groups are fine too. It's also good for those looking to dance and have more of a party atmosphere.

Both options offer live music and Polynesian dancers. I would go for the Clambake package if you are a couple or just in the mood for a quieter, more intimate experience.


Makahiki Dinner Buffet Package

The Makahiki Dinner Buffet package is great for families, large groups or those looking to have a good time with lots of dancing. It's the most economically priced option that includes dinner, the show, a drink and roundtrip transportation.


Honestly the food is just ok but if you're not a picky eater you won't mind much. It's more about the overall experience of being out on a boat in Waikiki enjoying the sunset and being with friends and family. I will say that the salad greens and vegetables were very good if you have more vegetarian tendencies. As far as proteins I preferred the fish to the chicken. The brownies were delicious.

alii kai dinner cruise buffet dining

(V) = Vegetarian (GF) = Gluten Free ISLAND SALAD BAR


alii kai dinner cruise salad

Island Greens Salad Bowl (V)
Dressings: Papaya Seed, Ranch, Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette & Olive Oil-Vinegar
Large Platter of Vegetable Crudités (V,GF)
Kim Chee (V,GF)
Namasu with Long Rice (V)
Vegetable Health Slaw (V)
Edamame Soy Beans (V)
Chirashi-Mixed Vegetable Sushi on Rice (V,GF)
Hawaiian Potato Rolls & Butter

Main Dishes

alii kai dinner cruise entree

Steamed Rice (V,GF)
Baked Ziti Parmesan (V)
Steamed Fresh Vegetable Potpourri
Asian Spiced Chicken on Chinatown Noodles
Hawaiian Kalua Pork with Bok Choy & Maui Onions
Served with Lomi Lomi Salmon Garnish
Ginger Misoyaki Salmon with Scallions
Carved Herb & Garlic Crusted Roast Beef
Creamy Horseradish Sauce


alii kai dinner cruise dessert

Truffled Demi Glace
Chef’s Selections of Fruits & Desserts of the Islands


alii kai dinner cruise musicians

There is a live band consisting of 3 musician/singers performing Polynesian music and popular cover tunes. After dinner there is a performance of hula and Tahitian dance by their dance troupe. Later in the evening the dinner hosts get the audience to participate in dancing with conga lines, the chicken dance and Gangnam style. It's very hokey but fun.

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Hukilau Clambake Package

alii kai dinner cruise clambake

The Hukilau Clambake is a seafood platter baked with Alaskan King Crab reminiscent of the older days in Hawaii when nets were cast into the ocean and the catch was shared.

This package is located on the 2nd floor of the boat and all of the parties have their own private table. It's not nearly as crowded and easier to get better service.


It's delicious and includes fresh corn on the cobb, baked potatoes, jumbo shrimp, mussels, clams and Portuguese sausage. The sauce consists of garlic, lemon, butter and Hawaiian Limu. It also came with warm baked bread and margarine as a side.

alii kai dinner cruise clambake dinner

We were given bibs and gloves to wear because it can be quite messy. They bring it out in a big bag that sits inside a bowl. Afterwards they cut the top so that you can access the food inside. They started us off with salad and chilled edamame. While dining there is a separate live band playing.

alii kai dinner cruise clambake dessert

A complimentary drink is included from your choice of house draft, red or white house wine or a soft drink.

To top it off we had a delicious dessert cake. It was pink so I'm pretty sure it was guava. Dessert is the chef's choice and may change.



alii kai dinner cruise clambake dancers

There are Polynesian dancers for this level as well who perform and you are welcome to jump up and dance with them. Guests for this package are only allowed in the area at this time but particpants from the buffet can stand outside of the entrance and watch. Alii Kai Clambake guests may attend the entertainment on both levels. They are staggered enough time wise so that this is possible.

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alii kai dinner cruise dancing

The boat is docked and departs from the Aloha Tower, pier 5. There is an adjacent parking lot which costs $5 cash which you must prepay ahead of time. If you are taking the transportation available from them you'll be dropped off in front of the boat right there in the parking lot. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from Waikiki at that time of day.


How Long & When

The cruise lasts for 2 hours departing at 5:30 pm and returning at 7:30 pm. It is available daily.

There is now a new package with Tuesday night fireworks that departs at 5:30 pm stays out until 8:15 pm. Ever since the beginning of August 2013 there are fireworks on Tuesday evenings now at 7:45 pm on the beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.



Check out the pricing and availability of the Alii Kai dinner cruise boat. There's usually really good (cheap) deals available.


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