Podium Raceway Hawaii
Fun, Fast & Thrilling

Podium Raceway Hawaii is described as "Hawaii's Fast Lane" enabling you to race others at this indoor electric kart facility. Located on the near west side it's a fun place to host parties and hang out with friends while listening to pumping music.

During the day it's all ages but at night and on the weekends adults can party on a different level and drink. This is an activity definitely outside the norm sure to satisfy anyone who is easily bored.

podium raceway hawaii


Podium Raceway Hawaii-What It Is

Basic Features

Electric karts-maximum speed 45 mph

Indoor Facility-44,000 sf, air conditioned

Track with a non-circular configuration-twists and turns keep it interesting

Speeds up to 45mph-it feels quite fast because you’re in this tiny little car.

You’re given instruction on how to operate the vehicle and helmets. The vehicles have seatbelts.

podium raceway hawaii video arcade

Video Game Arcade

Concession Stand & Vending Machines-Hot dogs, drinks, chips, candy, etc. You can bring your own food. I saw people with their own pizza boxes from outside.

Lockers-Available for a fee to store valuables

Couches, Tables, Chairs-Set up alongside the track. We went on a Saturday afternoon and saw a kid's birthday party taking place. They had pizza boxes and a birthday cake.

podium raceway hawaii stage

Music-Playing on the speakers all around. There was also a band setup with drums in the middle of the track for a band.

Atmosphere-Bright and loud, definitely designed to get you amped up and give you an adrenaline rush. The walls are red.

Restrooms-Of course!





Safety Measures

There are safety barriers all over the place-you can’t hurt yourself or others.

Safety briefing instruction- includes explanation of how to safely pass other cars and where it’s allowed.

Control Switch-Immediately kills the power to the cars. If someone is not adhering to the rules then they cut the power to the cars for safety.

Screens-They have screens so that you can see who is winning. You can also see when it is your turn.

TIP: It's quite popular so it could be awhile until it’s time for your race. Factor in waiting time when you go. When we got there we had to wait about an hour or so until we could race.

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How It Works

-The karts are powered by electricity

-Any given race can have up to 10 riders

- The average adult race will give you about 14 laps, for kids 9 laps. When I was there the adults raced separately from the adults.

-Children are allowed to race but must be at least 6 years old and 48 inches tall.

podium raceway hawaii helmets

-Reservations are not allowed. Keep in mind that weekends can get crowded so expect to wait longer for your race to start.

-Upon arrival go sign in and get a start time for your race

-You’ll be briefed before your race in a separate room. You're fitted for helmets and assigned karts in the pit area. This part is exciting to me-the anticipation of starting the race.

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How Long Does It Take

Each race takes about 8-10 minutes. While that may not sound like long it actually is when you’re driving around and around. That part was fun.

podium raceway hawaii race

The not so fun part was waiting…and waiting…to race.

You only do one race at a time so if you didn’t set up a 2nd time to race when you checked in then you’ll be waiting around for awhile again.

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It's far from Waikiki-If attending the Podium Raceway I would say that I wouldn’t go all the way out there for just that activity. It is about a 1 hour drive from Honolulu and your time there comparatively speaking will be short.

Multitask Activities-I suggest pairing it up with another activity in that direction.

-For instance you could stop there on your way to a luau such as Germaine’s or Paradise Cove.

-It is also close to Wet n Wild water park. The water park closes at about 3:00pm so you could stop there afterwards and then maybe go to the luau.

-Dolphin/snorkel swims from Ko'Olina or the west side are also close by so this could be done afterwards.

-For my Australians who LOVE to shop perhaps going here after shopping after the Waikele Outlets would work. Nah, you'll have too many bags.

podium raceway hawaii concession

Get a Car-You will need a car for this activity and I would not try to take the city bus out here. It is too far. It could easily take 2-3 hours one way. A cab could cost $100 one way.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic-Choose the time to drive out there carefully. Do not go during the peak rush hour time between 3:30-6:00pm.

Most people will be leaving the city center and heading out to the “suburbs”  so to speak. The H-1 west expressway is the main artery vein to do this. There are no trains and there are only 3 lanes on H1 for the most part.

Without traffic it takes about 1 hour to get there, maybe a little less.

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Podium Raceway Coupons & Costs

Go Oahu Card

Included for free with the Go Oahu card. IMPORTANT: Not valid after 5:30pm.


Sometimes you can catch a Groupon deal here.

Retail Costs

It varies a lot and is a pretty big range. For adults it's $20-$125 depending how much you want to race. Here is the link to their page on prices.

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Feel like a racecar driver zooming around the track. Be a little kid again and just totally let loose in a safe environment.

Good for kid birthday parties & corporate events

podium raceway hawaii facility


The track is kind of small but we live on an island so I have to keep that in mind.

Long wait for our race and for another race if we wanted to stay. I went on a weekend in the middle of the day so perhaps that could’ve been avoided.

We wanted to race again but didn't want to wait the amount of time it would've taken.

There were a lot of kids at the time we went. I’m not a kid and we don’t have any so this wasn’t a particular plus for us. However a minus for me is a plus for others.

Again if I had gone on a different day or even in the evening I imagine the crowd would’ve changed. They don’t close until 12:00 midnight on the weekends.  They have a great sound system playing music so I could see it being more fun for adults later.

Kind of pricey for what you get unless you have a coupon.



It is fun if you set yourself up for ideal conditions and are clear in your expectations. It will suck if you don't. With that said I would:

-Not drive all the way out there just for the 1 race you're likely to do. Plan on something else in the area such as lunch, shopping or a scenic drive nearby for instance.

-Don't pay retail-look for a deal as described above

-Don't go during peak times on the weekend unless going early-crowds & longer waits

-Definitely avoid rush hour traffic during the week-will take FOREVAH & EVAH to get out there. You will feel like running each other over by the time you get there.

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Location & Hours


Open 7 Days a Week
Monday – Thursday: 12 noon to 9pm
Friday – Saturday  10am to 12 midnight
Sunday  11am to 9pm


BLDG 1844

The company website is here for more information.

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