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Surfing lessons in Hawaii is absolutely one of the things you must do and try while you are here. Surfing on Oahu is particularly special because so many great surfers such as Duke Kahanamoku and Eddie Aikau come from here.

Also every year the famous surf contests are held here such as the Triple Crown of Surfing, the Pipeline Masters and if the wave face heights are over 40ft the Eddie Aikau at Waimea Bay.

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Little Girl Getting Some Hands On Help From Her Instructor

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Surfing on Oahu also offers flexibility. You usually have the choice of surfing on all the shores, 3 if it's summer but Waikiki is far best the most consistent offering the safest conditions for beginners plus you'll have scenic Diamond Head in the background for the photos I hope you decide to have taken.

I'm no expert but I'm a little better than a beginner but in Waikiki the surf lessons I've had have helped me the most. The water's calm and there's several surf breaks in a row offering me numerous opportunities and conditions in which to practice. I also don't have to worry about super-strong rip currents and tides.


Surfing Lessons in Hawaii-Schools

If you decide to take a lesson it will be well worth it and will prepare you to practice on your own. If you're serious about learning like me or just get bitten by the bug take more than one lesson, preferably private or semi-private with 1 other student so that the teacher can really focus on you and you get a chance to practice a lot.

The better schools won't have more than 4 students per teacher in a group setting anyway. It's much safer and the quality of the lesson is better.
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It basically means that they have met the qualifying skills and safety standards for the state of Hawaii. It also means that they are CPR and lifeguards certified and have insurance. Make sure that they teacher you go on a lesson has this card.Included in the price of your lesson should be the use of the surfboard, a rashguard (UV protective water t-shirt) and booties for your feet.

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Many of the surfbreaks in Hawaii have reef and nestled within that reef is spiny like coral or "vana" as we call it. It looks like a big ball with long, sharp needles poking out of it. You don't want to step on one of that or knick your toe on the reef. These shoes have a thick rubbery bottom for a sole and are designed to protect your feet. Your teacher will instruct you how to fall as well. Expect to fall a lot as a beginner.

Surfing Lessons in Hawaii-The Lesson Itself

Generally most lessons last about 2 hours and start out with land instruction. After the land demo where they show you how to pop-up on your board, where to position yourself and how to balance you will paddle out to the break as a group.

waikiki surf lessons roy

Next the teacher will have you lined up off to the side and call one of you over and get ready to push you into a small wave. You don't have to worry about paddling to catch the wave because they are pushing you.


The only thing you need to worry or think about is popping up to the surf stance and trying to ride the wave without falling over. After you've had your chance the next person will paddle over to the teacher and do the same thing. They usually try to organize you so that you guys are in a sort of merry go round so that there is little waiting.

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After you've ridden your wave just paddle back to the line-up huddle and await your turn. The fewer the number of students the less you'll have to wait.

A good teacher will also make sure that his or her group doesn't drift too far away from him and that you guys are always out of harm's way and not in danger of getting into a collision with one another or more experienced surfers out in the main lineup.

Surfing is my passion and there is nothing like the feeling of gliding along on a surfboard while the wind blows through your hair and the sun dances on the water below.

Even when I'm just sitting there on the board waiting for a wave just watching the ripples on the surface of the water glisten like diamonds makes me feel so good inside. Sometimes a turtle will appear out of nowhere, poke his head up, smile at me and then disappear down below. Moments like that are precious.

surfing lessons in hawaii kenny

MUCHOS MAHALOS to Kenny McOmber of Fire Shots Surf Photography for letting me use all of these great photos.

Kenny is super cool and if you take a surf lesson with one of these 4 surf schools he'll probably be the one taking your picture and trying to get you to SMILE and shaka for the camera!

I see him all the time in the water and he always offers me lots of encouragement and tips.

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