About Me

Who am I?

Allow me to tell you about myself. My name is Stephanie and I'm from Chicago originally. I moved here to Hawaii over 12 years ago because I was sick and tired of being cold most of the time and the ocean was calling me.

I was also burned out from being a commodities floor trader. It felt like it was time for a change and time to start enjoying life. whale watching oahu me small I'm also a mother nature freak and enjoy being outside amongst green hills, hiking through lush jungles and discovering hidden waterfalls.

I surf everyday if I can and I've never grown tired of being here. My love for these tiny islands out in the middle of the Pacific grows more everyday.

There's nothing like sitting on your surfboard waiting for a wave to come and then seeing a pod of dolphins go by or a turtle poke his head up above water.

I have a boyfriend who shares the same interests and we're always out and about at the beach, eating in one of our favorite restaurants or visiting with friends.

The people here are probably the nicest I have ever met in the world and truly exemplify aloha.

My wish is to impart to you as much of that as I can by helping guide you on your trip here to Hawaii.


Why Did I Choose Oahu?

The Search for Paradise

Well, I knew that I was going to leave Chicago because it was just too darn cold. Humans weren't meant to sustain those kinds of conditions in my opinion. I considered Miami and then San Diego but something was missing.

I thought that I was going to have to leave the country and head to the Caribbean or South America and then someone suggested Hawaii.

I had never even been there but decided to take a trip. It seemed so exotic and something that only movies and fairytales were made of but why not? It was my dream to live on a beautiful tropical island and I was going to go for it.

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Discovering Hawaii

The challenge then became which island to visit. I chose the Big Island because it seemed to have everything the other islands had combined in terms of natural beauty.

When I arrived the people were so nice and showed me warmth and hospitality I had never known. I intentionally avoided Waikiki on Oahu and other tourist zones because I wanted to see what it was really like to be here.

I made friends that I still have to this day and fell in love with the culture and the words that I could not pronounce.

I liked the fact that faces that had no clear cultural or racial distinction to them. It seemed to be a true melting pot.

volcano big island lava field

I loved the crashing waves against black boulderous shorelines and the wild waterfalls running down mountainsides along the highway.

I was perplexed and mesmerized by an island that could have a landscape that looked like Mars in some places, a tropical South Pacific island in others and a LIVING volcano oozing fire before my eyes.

It was a land of contrasts and the local folk told me stories about Hawaiian spirits and generations that lived on the land before them.

I was fascinated and it was also an indoor/outdoor lifestyle that I wanted and craved. Incidentally it was also the first time I saw so many stars in my life.

I didn't think I would live on Big Island but Hawaii seemed to fit the bill. I visited, loved it and decided to move here someday. "Someday" turned out to be 3 months later. I realized that there would never be a "perfect" or ideal time to move so why not asap. I've been living here and going with the flow ever since.

Journey to Oahu

I initially lived on Kauai for about 9 months but moved to Oahu because it has the perfect lifestyle balance for me.

It's not too rural and has all the conveniences of a modern city at your fingertips. I can surf, go to the movies and concerts, shop and have a multitude of work and social opportunities.

oahu events concerts

It does get busy here but I know where to go to get away from it all and reconnect with why I moved here in the first place. I love that during the day I can go up to the north shore in the country with miles of beaches or hike along a remote mountain ridge.

At night I can get all glammed up and paint the town red or be a dork reading magazines sipping cappucino in a cafe or bookstore til midnight.

If I really need to get away from it all and want a bigger change I just hop on a plane to one of the outer islands which are only 30-40 minutes away. Oahu has it all and I love that.


What are my qualifications?

Well, I have worked as a travel industry professional and customer service professional for years here in Hawaii having worked at top companies, hotels and vacation clubs such as Expedia, Hilton and Shell Vacations (now Wyndham) at the Ilikai.

This site is my own personal labor of love and I strive to be as objective as possible.

I've planned vacations, booked activities, made restaurant reservations and gave directions and advice ALL DAY LONG. I have had soooo much practice and experience having met people from all walks of life who are here for all sorts of reasons.

They range from people here on family vacations and honeymooners to the business traveler and large groups.

Other Qualifications

I also have corporate relocation in my background. I am the #1 preferred local agent for National Rental Solutions (formerly Equity Rental Solutions), a nationwide corporate relocation company.

I've helped clients from companies such as Chevron, Boeing, Express, Budweiser, Monsanto & Bank of America get settled quickly with as little drama and stress as possible. A day with me is usually all it takes.

I'm a real estate agent with a background in property management and sales who knows almost every little inch of this island. I have helped many business professionals who have relocated here.

I've lived on the north shore, east Oahu and currently Honolulu but my journey began on Kauai.

I've lived in houses, condos, high up in the hills, on the beach, had roommates and lived alone. My dealings have been with private property owners as well as property management companies.

Take advantage of my wisdom when deciding where you would like to stay whether it's for a week, a month or longer.


In Conclusion...

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and travel adventure stories with you and you doing the same. Please be patient as I continue to build this website but feel free to contact me in the meantime.

I hope that this website becomes a place where we can all post information that will help one another. Let me be your little angel and guide you towards having a great time in paradise.

With Much Aloha,

Stephanie :)

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