Aloha Stadium Flea Market
Great Bargains Galore

The Aloha Stadium flea market is a GREAT place to get souvenirs from Hawaii at extremely discounted prices. Also known as the swap meet it is the largest in the state circling the entire stadium.

Everything from aloha shirts to luggage and cell phone accessories can be found. This is where I go to buy gifts for loved ones and where I take friends and family who need to shop.

aloha stadium flea market sign


Location & Hours

Located about 25-30 minutes outside of Waikiki down the road from Pearl Harbor it is easy to get to. The expressway runs right past it and it can be seen from the road.

The Aloha Stadium is home to the UH Warriors football team and the annual NFL Pro Bowl.

Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays it can be incorporated with a trip to the Arizona Memorial beforehand.

Wednesday and Saturday are 8am-3pm
Sundays 6:30am-3:00pm

I suggest going earlier because many vendors pack up as the day draws to an end. It costs $1 per person to enter but those 11 years old and younger are free.


Getting There

The bus goes there for $2.50 but expect it to take about 1.5 hours one way. A quicker way is to get a shuttle in the $15-$22 range roundtrip. It will take about 25-35 minutes one way depending on how early you leave.

It will take longer if the shuttle is picking up other people in Waikiki or dropping someone off at the airport on the way. Shuttles can be arranged with the bell desk or concierge at your hotel. One company is called VIP, 866-836-0317.

A cab will be the quickest and most direct but expect to pay about $50 one way for a cab. 808-422-2222 is for The Cab and 808-979-1010.

Buses That Go There

#8 Ala Moana Center
#19 Airport-Hickam
#20 Airport-Hickam
#23 Airport-Hickam
#24 Waikiki-Ala Moana
# 42 Ewa Beach
E Country Express Ewa Beach

To return to Waikiki take the #8, 19 or 20 Waikiki Beach and Hotels

Check bus schedules here...



Goods & Wares

aloha stadium flea market sign

Entrance to the Stadium


At the flea market you will find several tents from over 700 vendors. They have tables set up and a mini store inside.

There are people who just sell t-shirts, others jewelry and so on. They sell refrigerator magnets, clothing, sculptures, wood carvings, art and shoes. Bathrooms and food vendors are there as well.

aloha stadium flea market

I've seen 5 t-shirts for $20 on sale. The savings are a fraction of the prices in Waikiki. Items are both locally made and imported.

There's also odds and ends available such as luggage, cell phone accessories and whatever else you can think of.

It's also a good place to sample local foods and seasonings. Buy prepackaged snacks and Hawaiian and seasonings, sauces and dressings. There is also a wide variety of Asian foods.

One tip: Wear a hat for protection from the sun as it is completely open and exposed. I also suggest wearing comfortable shoes because there is a lot of walking.


Nearby Attractions

Pearl Harbor with the Arizona Memorial is only about 2-3 long blocks away. Check out the Arizona Memorial first and then go to the flea market. Catch a shuttle or tour to Pearl Harbor and then either walk or cab it to the flea market. Catch a shuttle or cab back from there.

If doing a tour be sure to let the driver know that you won't be returning with the group.

If driving then drive yourself to the Arizona first and then go to the flea market.

*Get your tickets ahead of time or go early before they open if not doing a tour.

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