Atlantis Submarine
Incredible Underseas Exploration

Atlantis submarine is a very popular attraction here on Oahu. Situated outside of the Hilton Hawaiian Village the 15 minute boat ferry will take you out to where the 2 submarines are docked.

The submarine takes you to a depth of almost 100ft to the ocean floor exploring sunken vessels such as shipwrecks and an airplane with a variety of fish and coral amongst them. Imagine being inside of a fish tank moving around.

atlantis submarine

You may see turtles, tiger-striped fish, eels and many more types of aquamarine life such as coral. Looking through a circular viewing window that is all your own you'll be able to view all of this while your driver and/or host narrates and explains what you are seeing.

Expect to be underwater for about 45 minutes. I would allow 2-2.5 hours total roundtrip. This includes checking in, the boat ferry to and from the submarine plus the time underwater.

The ferry has snacks and beverages and is a very pleasant ride as you'll be able to take in the sights of the Waikiki coastline with all of the hotels including the pink Royal Hawaiian and Diamond Head crater. If you tend to get seasick sit up top on the 2nd level in the outdoor area. You'll feel less movement there.

Atlantis Submarine runs almost hourly throughout the day with a couple of the earlier slots reserved for Japanese tourists. You are welcome to go but I don't recommend it. English speaking tours run at 11, 12, 1, 1 & 3:00pm

Although they have headsets you can put on that have a pre-recorded narrative of what you’re seeing the background noise in another language would be too distracting and overwhelming.

atlantis submarine family Family looking through viewholes to observe sunken wrecks and marine life
atlantis submarine fish Example of the type of fish and marine life you can expect to see
atlantis submarine ferry Side view of the ferry that takes you to the submarine from the Hilton Hawaiian Village Dock
atlantis submarine ferry dock Top deck of the ferry where you can enjoy a breezy, scenic view on the way to the submarine
atlantis submarine exterior view Exterior view of the submarine partially submerged as it begins its descent

Atlantis also has a choice of two different types of submarine-the premium and the standard. The premium is longer in length with a 64 passenger capacity, has a much larger viewing window with 65% greater viewing area and a wider seat with seatbacks.

You definitely have a greater feel of personal space. The standard is shorter in length with a 48 passenger capacity, has a smaller viewing window and a bench style seat.



TIP: The company that owns and operates the submarine also owns and operates a dinner cruise catamaran. Thinking of doing a dinner cruise at some point? Book the two simultaneously and save money. Also, you don't have to do both activities in the same day.

Value Combos

Atlantis Submarine & Whale Watch Cruise Combo (December-April only)

TIP: If you're traveling during high peak seasons such as summer, Christmas or spring break book your submarine trip at least a few days out in advance. They book up more easily and the early morning ones go fast! ?

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