Cheap Hotels in Honolulu
3 Good options

When I say CHEAP hotels in Honolulu and Waikiki I say it with a caveat because it's still a pretty penny. You're basically sacrificing looks for location and fantastic view options in most cases. They can be rough around the edges BUT location and proximity to the beach can make up for other lacking amenities.

You're not getting anything fancy (or that "nice") but if your hotel is more of a base camp place to sleep and store your luggage while you go out and explore or hang out at the beach then they just might work for you.

By that I mean partial ocean views at least. While these hotels are old, their locations offer FANTASTIC views, better than some of the fancier hotels I think. The prices are not on a Motel 6 level because it is Hawaii but considering the costs of many other places it's not that bad. 

Cheap hotels in Honolulu

I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you book the "premium" rooms in these hotels. That's what makes them doable. 

Choose a HIGH FLOOR to avoid street and traffic noise as well.

This is important especially when garbage trucks come around in the early (6 am) morning and city buses drive by all day.

Also, notice that these 3 choices are on the Honolulu Zoo end of Waikiki. You're on the edge of Waikiki but the locations are still convenient and you have the added bonus of being able to get in and out of Waikiki quickly without going through the middle.

This is preferable if you have a car and want to be able to explore the island, get groceries just outside of Waikiki at cheaper prices and be in close proximity to great restaurant options in the nearby Kaimuki area.

The Outrigger Chain of Hotels in Hawaii would fall into this category because they offer really good bang for the buck without sacrificing much.

Another couple of hotels worth checking out are the Ala Moana Hotel and the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel.



Queen Kapiolani 3 stars

I like the Queen Kapiolani like I like Taco Bell-it's a love/hate thing. It's so bad it's good. The gaudy life-sized portraits of Hawaiian monarchy, the "royal" shields on the doors and the "stately" chandeliers make this place comical.

Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Don't stay here without a sense of humor but I've always sprung and paid the extra money for a high-floor, partial ocean-view, Diamond-Head and zoo facing room. I don't think it's worth the quality sacrifice unless you have a great view.

The ocean can be seen from these rooms too and the views are fantastic and phenomenal. You can hear the Holler monkeys at the zoo below in the mornings.

Queen Kapiolani Hotel ocean view

This place was probably fantastic back in the 70s but now...The location is great for avoiding Waikiki vehicle and pedestrian traffic therefore making it more peaceful relatively speaking.

Queen Kapiolani Hotel park view

Great location for joggers and the uncrowded beach to the left of the boardwalk is nice too. Quick check-in and check-out. Not for those who want to hang around their hotel pool and enjoy lots of ammenities or for the very tall as the shower heads are much lower than normal. You'll find locals staying here as well because it's cheap and conveniently located.



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The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel3 stars

Ok, this one is technically not right IN Waikiki but about a 10 minute walk away. Anyways, this one is shabby and old too IN SOME WAYS but I'm mentioning it because it is direct OCEANFRONT on Kaimana/Sans Souci beach in the gold coast area and that beach is nice and uncrowded.

New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel ocean view

It looks like a nice, very acceptable hotel in the lobby but depending on the type of room that you get the story can be very different. Again, try to spring for a room that is oceanfront facing Waikiki or at least facing Waikiki and the park. Those views are million dollar.

New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel

Some rooms have been remodeled and some have not. Avoid the rooms in the 3 story walk up building next door. Yuck. Old, 1970s hiding out from the law vibe with dark hallways. Skip the moderate level hotel rooms if you can budget it. Check out the walking map below to give you an idea of walking times.

new otani kaimani beach hotel walking map


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Park Shore Waikiki 2 stars1/2

Park Shore Waikiki

You don't get any closer to the ocean without actually being in an oceanfront hotel. 226 rooms, valet ONLY parking at $20/day, pool, 2 towers, this Aqua owned hotel was built in the 1970s. All of the action is just outside your door. 

It looks like it hasn't been remodeled in years but this is a way to merge your desire for affordability, LOCATION, and convenience.

Again, I suggest a high floor due to the noisy intersection and Lu Lu's restaurant below which turns into more of a bar & club at night.  

The pulse and heartbeat of Waikiki is at your fingertips and the Honolulu Zoo and Kapiolani Park is across the street. The famous Waikiki beach, International Marketplace and a mile long strip of restaurants & shopping is right around the corner.

If you like to go running, walking or play tennis the convenience of the park across the street is a huge plus.

Park Shore Waikiki ocean view

Queens beach and beach volleyball and Kapiolani park are across the street. You might be lucky and have your trip coincide with an arts fair or music festival in the park.

Park Shore Waikiki lobby

Lots of cheap parking at $1 per hour scattered throughout the park. Quick bites to eat such as Subway, Wolfgang Puck and Cold Stone Ice Cream are downstairs. All in all, a pretty good deal as you are located at the gateway to Waikiki.



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