Diamond Head Lighthouse
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Located at the base of Diamond Head Crater on the top of a 147 ft oceanfront cliff Diamond Head lighthouse is one of the most recognizable lighthouses on the island. At 55 ft high this historic landmark sits on Diamond Head road just past Queen Kapiolani park and a row of beachfront estates. The beacon light can be seen as far away as 18 miles.

diamond head lighthouse

Probably the most accessible ways to access it are either by car or the green line trolley. One of the city buses drives by but it does not stop here. If you are inclined to walking or jogging you can pass right by it as well.

I've done this oftentimes while jogging around Diamond Head. Keep in mind that the actual lighthouse itself is gated off so entry into the lighthouse is forbidden. There is a cute little house that sits in front where the lighthouse keeper lives. Yes, they still have those.



Because of an increase in seafaring traffic, a lookout was established on Diamond Head in 1878 as an aid to navigation.  After several ships got stuck on nearby reefs, a 40 foot tall iron framework lighthouse was constructed in 1899 using a lens imported from France.  This structure was later strengthened with coral rock.

Although the original ironwork of the watch room and lantern still remains, the present tower was built of reinforced concrete in 1917.  Since 1939 it has been a United States Coast Guard facility, and, during World War II, the dwelling on the grounds served as a radio station for the Coast Guard.  In 1980, the lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Eventually the fixed light in the lighthouse was replaced with the current flashing light.  Today the lighthouse is automated, and there is a battery backup in case of a power outage.



Located at the base of Diamond Head crater on Diamond Head Road, 96815

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