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Dinner Cruise Oahu

Dinner cruise Oahu: Create lasting memories sailing down the coastline of Waikiki, downtown Honolulu with the timeless Diamond Head volcano as a backdrop.

Generally pick up times from Waikiki are in the 4:00-4:30pm time range and you are transported to Aloha Tower in the downtown area for an evening sail. You can choose a catamaran or a cruise ship type of boat for two different sailing experiences.

dinner cruise oahu diamond head

They both commence with dinner and drinks with buffet style or fixed menu served to you while sailing down toward Diamond Head.

Afterwards you can stroll along or gather on one of the observation decks to gaze at the hotels, shiny skyscrapers, exclusive hilltop communities and of course the ocean.

Hopefully it will be a clear night so that you can see all the stars in the sky and if it's a full moon you're really in for a treat. The moon casts this glassy glow on the surface of the water that seems magical as you watch the boat leave its trail behind.


Dinner Cruise Oahu-Entertainment

After awhile the entertainment begins depending upon which package you signed up for and on which boat.

You can choose to go watch and/or participate or not. The entertainment runs the gamut from jazz to cover songs to Polynesian style shows you can dance and sing along with. Honestly, the crowd tends to be older and by that I mean middle-aged to baby boomer.

I probably wouldn't recommend this to anyone under 35 years old unless they were honeymooners then they might not mind.

dinner cruise oahu


The menus for the buffets vary too but if I had to generalize I'd say you could expect your choice of chicken, some type of red meat, vegetables, rice, rolls, mixed green salad, pasta salad of some type and a few choices of dessert.

They issue drink tickets, usually 2 of which will allow you alcoholic beverages or blended drinks.

For the fancier fixed menu that is served an overgeneralization of selections would be lobster and steak, chicken and steak or fish of the day and steak.

The fish is probably local. Next would be your vegetables and starch and then dessert. Some have a couple of more courses thrown in.

Other more casual dinner dining options would be one of the smaller catamarans sailing from a dock or similar beach area in Waikiki.

Usually it's not quite dinner but instead pupus (or appetizers) but I know of one company that also offers a more formal dinner. These are the sunset cocktail cruises.

dinner cruise oahu me


Other Types of Cruises

Another type of dinner cruise on Oahu would be the "booze cruise" which is what it sounds like. They might have snacks like chips to go with your booze.

All cruises have options to sail on Friday nights when there's fireworks sponsored by the Hilton. In this case they call it the Fireworks Cruise. Book early for a fireworks dinner cruise on Oahu and at least 2 weeks out if it's 4th of July. Most cruises last for about 1.5-2 hours.


TIP: The fireworks at the Hilton begin at 7:45pm and lasts for 5 minutes. You can see it for free on the beach and if you're up in the hills you can see it from there too. There's other unobstructed vantage points up and down the coastline and from nearby Ala Moana park.



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