Dole Pineapple Plantation

The Dole Pineapple Plantation is nestled at the gateway to the north shore of Oahu. Known for its sweet, juicy pineapple worldwide Dole grows some if it here. When you continue driving past the visitors center you will see the rows and rows of incredible red dirt planted neatly with pineapple in various stages of growth stretching for miles.

While you will not be able to go to the facility where they actually process the pineapple for commercial consumption you will be able to go to the visitors' center which is quite extensive for your experience.

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dole pineapple plantation

Dole Pineapple Plantation Entrance

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The visitors' center consists of a main building with a gift shop and restaurant and is surrounded by the famous pineapple maze, tropical gardens and the pineapple train. dole pineapple plantation garden tour

Entrance into the main building is free but there is a small charge for entry into the maze and gardens or to ride the train. There is free admission with the Go Oahu card though.

I would allow about an hour here if you want time to be able to visit the gift shop, indulge in some sample or treats and to check out 1 or 2 of the outdoor attractions.

When I went I spent most of my time in the maze getting frustrated but breezed quickly through the gardens. I skipped the train because it seemed to be more for kids. I also got a fake Polynesian tattoo at one of the vendor kiosks.

Later I did the train and enjoyed it. There's a recorded voice explaining what you're seeing as you ride through the pineapple fields. There's rows of pineapple, old fashioned plows and tools and a large pond that seems to be related to irrigation purposes. It took about 15-20 minutes I think.


Food and Pineapple

Inside the main building I got the pineapple whip which is SUPER-YUMMY and not to be missed. The line for that is pretty long but worth the wait. dole pineapple plantation whip

It tasted just like they had thrown fresh pineapples into the blender and mixed it up and frozen it.

It makes regular pineapple ice cream seem bland and flat.

I guess they call it a whip because it comes out of one of those machines that make soft serve ice cream.

You can have it in a cone, in a bowl, as a float and a bunch of other ways and mixed with other flavors.

They also give you a big fresh pineapple spear stuck on the side. It was so good and sweet and juicy. One word of warning: the dessert portions are HUGE! Also in the restaurant they have regular food available if you're hungry.

Gifts and Misc Info

In the visitors building are all sorts of pineapple related things to buy such as candy, t-shirts, books, bags, postcards and whatever else you can think of. dole pineapple plantation visitors center

They recently remodeled the place so it looks real nice.

I think it's worth a visit to the Dole Pineapple Plantation in central Oahu but I wouldn't drive all the way up there from Honolulu (about 40-45 minutes) just for that.

This should be fine depending how much you're into pineapple. They're open daily from 9:30am to 5:30pm.


How To Get There

There's a few ways and no one way is necessarily any better than another. Please note that no tour will JUST go there. It's too far (45 minutes) and the amount of things to do there do not justify it. I would say don't drive that far on your own just to go there either. It's a nice stopover on the way to or from the north shore because it's only 15 minutes from there.

dole pineapple plantation visitors center

Most tours will stop there 15-30 minutes. Unless you want to ride the train or get lost in the maze you don't need more time than that. It just depends how much you're into pineapple. I like to get the pineapple ice cream and cruise through the gift shop on my way in and out. Most people are happy with that too but if you want more time rent a car.


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