Hawaii Relocation Guide
3 Reasons to Get Help

Learn the 3 top reasons to attend the Hawaii Relocation Guide Bootcamp before before moving here. Living in Hawaii is the ultimate dream for many people. Warm weather, beautiful beaches and nice people are just a few of the reasons that top the list.

It's easy to envision yourself living this wonderful indoor/outdoor lifestyle in the ultimate tropical paradise. While these reasons are true there are still practicalities to consider before moving here.

These reasons become magnified when considering the distance and cost of living. Hawaii is not for everybody but it sure can be fun trying to find out if it's for you.

hawaii relocation guide

Moving is stressful and the more help that you can get ahead of time the better. A move half-way around the world for some involves other factors that need to be considered.

Even though Hawaii is technically part of the United States it marches to the beat of it's own drummer in many respects. There are pros and cons to living on an island, some of which you may not have considered before.

I'm here to assist you in that process and here are 3 reasons to consider getting help:


Save time & money

  • No wasted time running around trying to figure it out-benefit from my wisdom
  • Avoid learning some things the hard way-often when it's too late to undo (like a lease)
  • Save yourself hours, weeks or months of confusion and mistakes
  • Minimize getting lost
  • Time is money-the more efficient you are the better
  • Minimize the time it takes to transition
  • Unnecessary mistakes save money



  • Knowledge is power
  • Leverage my knowledge
  • The more you know & prep yourself ahead of time the sooner you can hit the ground running
  • Allows you to get organized
  • Allows you to make informed decisions
  • Get your geographical & neighborhood bearings sooner
  • Leverage my experience-the good and the bad
  • Avoid pitfalls i've fallen into


Reduce Stress

  • Make the process as smooth as possible
  • The sooner you have your game plan the better you will feel
  • Knowing what to expect helps to reduce stress. I'm here to walk you through the various steps and to be that person with local knowledge that you can talk to.

You're coming here to make life better for yourself not worse. Leverage my experience & knowledge.

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Why Me?

  • I've lived in Hawaii a long time-over 12 years
  • I've worked as a property management assistant
  • I'm the #1 preferred agent of National Rental Solutions, a corporate relocation company. I've helped clients from companies such as Ross, Budweiser, Monsanto, Bank of America, Chevron, Express & Diagnostic Labs to name a few
  • I've lived in all kinds of housing, in all sorts of neighborhoods and situations
  • I've had lots of different kinds of jobs and know what it's like to try to get hired here. My experience in Hawaii has been really varied.

With all of the above said I've created a Moving to Hawaii (Oahu) Bootcamp designed to get you on track. Together, you will be prepared and armed with knowledge in no time.

You can Google where to get your driver's license or employment statistics. What's harder to find out is what it's really like to live here.

The social, employment and housing situation on a day to day "real" level basis is much harder to determine. I can help you with that as your Hawaii Relocation Guide.


Moving to Oahu Hawaii Boot camp $247; $197 early registration Add to Cart

  • 4 one hour sessions
  • Unlimited email access for one month
  • Screen sharing-see me using maps and photos while I talk
  • Receive a recording of each session
  • View topics in detail here

Week 1-Considerations & Preparations
Week 2-Neighborhood Overview & Discussion
Week 3-Craigslist Housing Listing Examples
Week 4-Questions & Review

Email for details of next session dates.


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