BEST Shark Cage Tours: Hawaii Shark Encounter & North Shore Shark

Having a Hawaii shark encounter on the north shore is a cool, safe way to interact with one of man's greatest feared predators.

It is one of the MOST popular, no EXTREMELY popular things to do on Oahu. I happened to do North Shore Shark Adventure on the day these pictures were taken.

hawaii shark encounter sharks underwater


Shark Cage Tour Tips To Keep in Mind

    • During summer or Christmas it's best to reserve a spot several days in advance.

    • Go early in the morning as in by 6, 7 or 8 am because the later it gets to be in the day the more likely the tour will be cancelled due to weather conditions such as strong winds.

    • The cancellation rate goes up dramatically after 11am. Transportation is available from Waikiki but at an average $55 surcharge per person you may as well rent a car.

Hawaii Shark Encounter entering the cage

Do an early tour, have breakfast at Haleiwa Cafe afterwards and then tour and hang out on the north shore during the day.

If you've got someone in your group who's not too keen on going in the cage they can ride along on the boat for an observer fee. Last time I checked it was about $60.

hawaii shark encounter pier check in

After arriving at the boat slip in Haleiwa Harbor you'll board a boat and ride out about 15 minutes or so to a well-known shark feeding area.

hawaii shark encounter boat ride

This spot is well-known and predictable for sharks hanging around because the fisherman have fished heavily in this area without fail day in and day out so guess what?

The sharks followed and its part of their routine now. Where there's fishermen with bait there will be sharks.

Hawaii Shark Encounter in the cage

Hawaii Shark Encounter & North Shore Shark Overview

Other good to know things:

  • The shark tour company doesn't throw pieces of bloody meat in to the water in case you are wondering.

  • The sharks range in length from 5-15ft

  • You will enter the cage with 2-4 people or so at a time

  • The cage appears to have a big opening that a shark could easily swim through but it's a clear door

  • You will have snorkel masks and tubes so you can float up and down as you please

  • Once immersed you'll see schools of sharks swimming around and past you.

  • You can stay in the tank as long as you like

  • Each tour lasts about 2 hours round trip

  • Some sharks will be curious and peek at you like you're a mannequin in a window and some will not

Hawaii Shark Encounter viewing sharks from the boat

My view of the sharks from the boat. Even though I didn't go in I could still see lots of them swimming around.

Hawaii Shark Encounter Pedro

Everybody I've ever booked for that has come back raving about how "AWESOME" it was. Exact word usually.

They're on cloud nine and have this wicked little twinkle in their eyes I can't describe. My husband Pedro above certainly agreed. To each his own...:)


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