Hawaii Tourist Attractions

What are the Hawaii Tourist Attractions that you want to do the most? Have you dreamed of going to Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center or parasailing high above the Pacific Ocean?

Have you fantasized about climbing Diamond Head volcano gazing at Waikiki down below and screaming "I'm King of the World!" ? Well it is all possible.

polynesian cultural center canoe pageant parade


SAVE MONEY on Hawaii Tourist Attractions

Look I know that Hawaii is not a cheap place to come vacation and even people who know this still have a bit of sticker shock once they arrive. Most things quite honestly are about $100 plus or minus $25-50 per person.

Usually you get what you pay for but not always. There are times to spend a little more for an upgrade and others where it doesn't matter.

haleiwa oahu

Don't feel bullied or pressured into spending more than what is comfortable. You can still have a great time no matter what your budget is. You may want to spend the money on one thing that you want to do but economize in other places.

You CAN save money overall though if you want to purchase a discount activity card. It can include extras such as a free rental car for the day or luau. With rental cars running $60-$100 a day on average (non-peak times) that alone is worth the price. Learn more about how to use it in detail on my oahu coupons page.


Most Popular

The most popular tourist attraction in all of Hawaii isn't even on Oahu but on the Big Island. It's Kilauea, the only active volcano in the Hawaiian islands.

As far as this island goes the #1 attraction is Pearl Harbor followed by The Polynesian Cultural Center which rivals any show in Vegas I think.

pearl harbor oahu

The north shore is a must do especially during the big wave season in the wintertime. A trek up to the top of Diamond Head crater (our version of the Eiffel Tower or Empire State building), the Dole Pineapple Plantation and a luau round out the list of the classic and most popular things to do.

A walk through the tourist district of Waikiki to people watch or check out one of its attractions is definitely worth it and unique to Oahu. Click on one of the activities below to learn more.

The Volcano on the Big Island
Pearl Harbor Tour
North Shore
Polynesian Cultural Center
Diamond Head
Dole Pineapple Plantation
Waikiki Tourist Attractions
Waikiki Beach

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Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the place where the Japanese attacked the United States on December 7, 1941. Almost EVERYONE is interested in seeing the Arizona Memorial where so many lost their lives. Pearl Harbor is also the site of other museums of significance related to our involvement in World War II.

Arizona Memorial
Battleship Missouri
Pacific Aviation Museum



Cultural Attractions

Oahu is also unique in that sense that we have the only palace in the United States. Iolani Palace was home to Queen Liliuokalani before she was overthrown and Hawaii became part of the US. Across the street is the King Kamehameha statue, a monument to him and his legacy of conquering and uniting the Hawaiian islands and creating the kingdom of Hawaii.

iolani palace


Also in this area casually known as the historic district of Honolulu is the Hawaii State Art Museum. It features the artwork of local and non-local artists reflecting a mix of Hawaii's cultural and ethnic traditions. I recommend a visit to Bishop Museum if you have an interest in Hawaii's natural, cultural and geographic history.

The Queen Emma Summer Palace is a restored vacation home of Queen Emma & King Kamehameha IV. It showcases authentic furniture and artifacts from the 18th century and gives a rare glimpse into the life of the Hawaiian monarchy.

Sacred Places

The Byodo-In Temple on the windward coast is a reconstructed Buddhist temple in the sacred Temple Valley. While touring the island it makes for a nice stopover to stroll its grounds past koi ponds and have a quiet meditative moment surrounded by mountains and the sound of bells echoing throughout the valley.

Military Museums

The US Army Museum in Waikiki is an alternative to the more crowded, touristy military attractions such as the Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri. It houses an extensive collection of weapons and equipment used throughout Hawaii's military history dating back from ancient Hawaiian times through the Korean War and World War II. The focus is on the latter and how the US became part of Hawaii's military history.

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