Honolulu Airport Shuttle
Easy & Cheap Options

A Honolulu airport shuttle is going to be the cheapest way to get to your hotel. Other options include cabs and limos for convenience & comfort but it really depends on your situation. Read on to learn more.


Honolulu Airport Shuttle


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A Honolulu airport shuttle costs $11 on average one way to Waikiki. They can be found in the second row/median when you exit the airport.

Look for the sign that says Waikiki Shuttles or something similar.

Ko'Olina, Kahala and Turtle Bay will cost more but can be arranged.


Shuttles run every 5-10 minutes until about 9:00pm or so but if booked ahead of time there is more flexibility with times.

The downside is that you'll be sharing with lots of other people, particularly if it's a large coach bus that seats 50 people. You'll have to make lots of stops but for the price it can't be beat.

Taxis cost $35-$45 on average to Waikiki and probably $100-$130 to the north shore or Ko'Olina. Kahala might be $60.

honolulu airport shuttle

I can hear you asking me-don't the hotels in Hawaii have free shuttles? No. Why not? I don't know. I suspect it has a little to do with logistics and a lot to do with politics.

There are over 100,000 visitors a day to Oahu . The magnitude and scope of this can be very complicated.

This is probably why the hotels just contract it out.


I highly recommend re-confirming your reservation 24 hrs ahead of time-at least half a day.


Check the pricing and availability for shuttles to different parts of the island (including cruise ship pier) below:


Shuttle Prices & Availability

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Private Transportation

Not in the mood for others and just want to travel privately with the least amount of hassle? Would you like the option of someone meeting you at the baggage claim and holding up your name with a sign on it?

honolulu airport shuttle limo

Do you have a sizeable group, a baby or other circumstance that makes private transportation preferable?

If you fall into one of the above categories then I suggest a limo company.

I've used limos a lot to transport people. They have sedans, stretch limos, Hummers, vans and more. Make sure you know your Departure and/or Arrival Time and flight numbers.


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Lei Greeting

Ever dreamed of getting a pretty lei upon your arrival and a big kiss on the cheek followed by a big ALOOOOOOOHA?!!!! Well now you can. Just because you don't know anybody here or no one's picking you up doesn't mean that you can't be greeted with a lei.

honolulu airport transportation lei greeting

Aunty Kelani, Uncle Kala or a beautiful young Polynesian girl with long, flowing hair will be there waiting for you with a big smile on his/her face and an armful of leis.

A lot of people think they're free or a given when you arrive at the airport. I think it might've been that way in the past but it isn't any longer.

You'll want one when you see lots of other people receiving one. I was sad and disappointed my first time upon realizing this. Don't let this be you. It's a little treat and you deserve it!


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Rental Cars

You might want to get a rental car at the airport instead of waiting to get into Waikiki to get one. This is fine but these things in mind:

1. Most hotels charge $30-$35/day to park. Also, valet parking only is pretty common.

2. If you don't want a car the entire time of your stay then you'll have to return it to the airport unless paying an additional fee. This means an additional cost to get back to Waikiki via shuttle or cab.

3. If picking the car up in Waikiki but returning to the airport there is a charge-$50 is common.

4. If traveling during summer or Christmas reserve it ahead of time.


Pricing & Availability with Avis & Budget

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