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The Honolulu Aquarium (also known as the Waikiki Aquarium) is an exciting place to go learn about native aquatic Pacific marine life in Hawaii. Established in 1904 it the United States' second oldest aquarium. 2014 marks the 110th anniversary!

honolulu aquarium

Their goal is to promote understanding, awareness and conservation. This is done through a series of galleries, exhibits and an audio tour. They have the Critter of the Month, Marine Life profiles and educational classes that can be taken.



Honolulu Aquarium-Location & Hours

Located in Kapiolani Park about a 7-10 minute walk east of the zoo it is conveniently situated just outside of Waikiki. It's oceanfront location makes it a nice stroll.

It is open daily from 9am-4pm. It is closed on Marathon Day (early December) and Christmas Day.

Thanksgiving the hours are 9am-2:30 pmand New Years the hours are 11am-4-30 pm.


Admission prices are as follows:

Adults (13-64yo) $12
Junior (4-12yo) $5; must be with an adult
Children (3 yo and under) Free
Kamaaina (13-64yo) with current ID $8
Senior (65+) and Persons with disabilities $5
Active Duty Military with current ID $8
FOWA members with current ID Free

There is also a free audio tour wand available with all paid admissions.





Aquarium Exhibits


Some of the exhibits at the aquarium include the Edge of the Reef which features fish commonly found along rocky Hawaiian shorelines in a 7500 gallon tank.

Many of the fish are typical of what one might see if snorkeling.

honolulu aquarium yellow tang fish

A unique feature is an interactive area where museum volunteers provide the opportunity for an up close experience.

There is also an exhibit called Corals Are Alive! which showcases many types of Hawaiian coral and explains that they are indeed living creatures.

Information is given on their anatomical makeup and how to protect and respect them in the ocean. On site there is a coral farm.

honolulu aquarium orange coral

Additional exhibits provide information on marine life that inhabits the northern Hawaiian islands where people are not allowed to live.

Also of note is the gallery about deep ocean fish and their mating, hunting and social habits. I think the jellyfish gallery and the shark gallery are particularly interesting.

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Monk Seals

honolulu aquarium monk sealThe Honolulu Aquarium is good about changing things up. A few years ago a Hawaiian monk seal named Ho'ailona became a resident.

He was found on Kauai after his mother abandoned him.

He had eyesight problems and was treated. Scientists have tried reintroducing him to the general monk seal population but due to his condition it was deemed not safe.


During the time he was being treated he became quite friendly and comfortable around humans.

Today he is thriving and enjoying life at the aquarium. I highly suggest a visit to see him. There are currently 2 seals in residence.

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Other Notable Features

When there definitely check out the following:

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Exhibit-come learn about their diets, life cycles and habits both out at sea and on land.

honolulu aquarium turtle

The Peppermint Angelfish is one of the Ocean’s rarest fish. The only one on display for the public in the world is here at the Waikiki Aquarium.

honolulu aquarium peppermint angelfish

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Exhibit-quite impressive with over 7,000 species it is one of the largest in the world. Here you'll see fish from all over this part of the Hawaiian archipelago with interactive touch screens.

waikiki aquarium

More information is available on their website here

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