Kayaking Kailua

Kayaking Kailua beach on Oahu is a lot of fun to do. I felt like I had gone on vacation to an outer island when I went kayaking on this part of the island.

kayaking kailua

Kailua and Lanikai are these two beautiful, gorgeous areas on the island with crystal clear blue turquoise water and the softest most powdery white sand you can find or imagine on the island.

When you close your eyes and imagine a fantasy tropical island paradise somewhere in the South Pacific or see that slick advertisement poster or commercial for a Hawaiian getaway Kailua and Lanikai beach on Oahu are similar to what you would probably see.

Sitting on the beach there it's moments like this when I have to pinch myself and realize that I actually do live in Hawaii and how lucky I am.

kayaking kailua mokulua beach

It's like living in a picture postcard for a day when I come over here.Home to luxurious vacation rentals and second homes owned by celebrities this hidden gem is flanked by the mini-islands of Flat Island and the Mokuluas. President Obama even stays here on vacation when he comes.

kayaking kailua mokuluas

Kailua beach on Oahu and Lanikai are where most of the kayaking and windsurfing takes place on the island.

Kayaking Kailua-Tours

There are different itineraries available for all different fitness levels: the 2 hour adventure, 4 hours and 8 hours. Unless you're an avid, hard-core kayaker forget about the 8 hours.

kayaking kailua hike

2 Hour Adventure

The 2 hour itinerary of kayaking Kailua is good for those who want a taste of kayaking but not an all out adventure. It combines paddling out to nearby flat island in Kailua, walking around, returning to shore and then having lunch on the beach.

The 2 hour is really a 4 hour trip because the remaining 2 hours is yours to just hang out and enjoy exploring Kailua and Lanikai beach. You can snorkel, walk around, rent a bike or just hang out at the beach.

You can be of average or moderate shape to do this and if you are with a friend the two of you can share a 2 person kayak or if you prefer to have your own which is more of a workout then you can do that as well.


4 Hour Adventure

The 4 hour trip of kayaking Kailua is for those who are up for more of an adventure and that is the one I did. I LOVED it and highly recommend it. This tour allows you to cover both the Kailua and Lanikai area incorporating hiking at the Mokuluas as well.

You'll begin by paddling toward Flat Island and then onward to the Mokuluas. One of them has its own beach. World class photos of Oahu's windward coast can be taken from here.

kayaking kailua hiking

It's beautiful as you paddle toward these little islands in the middle of the ocean yet take in the stunning backdrop of the windward coastline that stretches for miles.You'll paddle past luxurious oceanfront estates and see coral below through the surface of the crystal clear water.

After arriving at one of the Mokuluas (the other is off limits because it is a bird sanctuary) you'll have a snack and some water before heading off to explore and hike the island.

Eventually you'll arrive at Queen's Bath which was one of the many natural "jacuzzis" that Queen Emma had on each island. Feel free to jump in and enjoy while the ocean splashes in over the rocks cleaning and freshening it constantly. The natural rock formations form a sunken bath like area.

queens bath

After your hike your guide may decide that you'll have lunch on the beach at the island where you can enjoy the views from that vantage point or you may make the quick paddle over to Lanikai Beach.

This is what we did when I went and those who chose to snorkel did so. I however made like a seal after lunch and sprawled out on the beach before making the quick, wind-aided return back to Kailua.

Definitely one of the best days I've ever had on this island!


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