Kualoa Ranch

Rich in ancient Hawaiian history and spirituality Kualoa ranch on Oahu is one of the best places to get off the beaten track and experience mother nature at her best and get a taste of Hollywood at the same time.

kualoa ranch


At 4,000 acres this working cattle ranch was established over 150 years ago and also includes the 800 year old Moli'i fishponds.

Formerly a residence and training ground for kings and royalty the property was sold to a private family who still owns and operates it today.


Kualoa Ranch-Location


Located about 45 minutes from Honolulu on the windward coast of Oahu in the beautiful town of Ka'a'awa (ka-ah-ah-AH-va) it is a gorgeous and relaxing place to spend the day.

kualoa ranch sign

It is also considered to be a sacred place that is very rich in Hawaiian history and culture. Kualoa means "long back" in Hawaiian. Today you can take tours and participate in cultural and adventurous activities.

Pictured above: The classic Kualoa sign which sits outside the red barnhouse style building.

chinamans hat kualoa valley aerial

Classic view looking into Kualoa valley over Moli'i (mo-LEE-ee) island aka: Chinaman's Hat

kualoa ranch movie tour statue

Recreation of a Moai statue from Rapa Nui island. These were built before the arrival of Europeans.


Up close view of the mountain range. Cows still roam freely throughout the valley.

kualoa ranch valley

Long distance view into the valley. You definitely feel like you are somplace sacred and special when you come here.

Hollywood has long used the backdrop of these mountains for filming many movies and television shows such as Lost, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Windtalkers, Battleship, Pearl Harbor, 50 First Dates, Godzilla and many more.

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kualoa ranch atv

ATV rides

1 or 2 hour ATV rides available allow you to explore the valley in an adventuresome way. Ride past famous film locations like Godzilla's footprint.

kualoa ranch horseback riding

Horseback riding

1 or 2 hour horseback riding offers a chill way to explore mother nature and all that Kaaawa valley has to offer. Offers stunning ocean views as well.

kualoa ranch jungle expedition

Jungle Expedition

Channel Indiana Jones as you ride aboard this buggy exploring the valley going through stream beds, up steep hills & riding through the jungle.

kualoa ranch movie tour

Movie Tour

Spend an hour riding aboard an open air vehicle visiting the locations of famous films & tv shows like Lost, Jurassic Park and Godzilla.

kualoa ranch ocean voyage

Ocean Voyage

Tour the extremely picturesque Kaneohe Bay aboard this catamaran. Kaneohe Bay is known for Chinaman's Hat and its sandbars.

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Secret Island

Spend the day kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddling, playing beach volleyball or doing nothing at all on this private island.

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Hula Lessons

Learn Kahiko hula against the scenic backdrop of the mountains in the valley in much the same way as ancient Hawaiians did.



kualoa ranch tour guide

Friendly tour guides who are very knowledgeable and have been working there a long time.

kualoa ranch gardens tour

Above: The Moli'i gardens tour was very informative and interactive. We got to eat lots of fruit and nuts right off the trees and see where tropical fruits and flowers come from and how they are grown.

kualoa ranch pedro

My boyfriend Pedro acting goofy during a stopover on the movie tour.

kualoa ranch movie tour bus

Lots of opportunities to take pictures in front of famous movie locations especially with open air, windowless buses

kualoa ranch king kong

Godzilla's footprint which was created and used during the filming of Godzilla.

kualoa ranch war memorabilia

The ranch played a part in World War II and had an aviation strip constructed on its land. This bunker we visited houses lots of military and Hollywood memorabilia including movie posters and cast photos on set.

kualoa ranch movie tour sign

Above: The sign from 50 First Dates on the movie tour. This is from the scene where Adam Sandler was parked on the side of the road with the penguin waiting for Drew Barrymore to come by.

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Half Day Adventure Package

If you want to go on an adventure in Kualoa you can do a half day adventure package and save money. Choose from an hour of ATV riding or horseback riding and one of their Hawaiian experience tours such as a movie site tour.

kualoa ranch atv tour

Above: Passing a group of ATV riders on our way into the valley during the movie tour.


Adventure tours are horseback riding or ATV riding. Everything else is considered a Hawaiian experience tour: movie tour, jungle expedition, ocean voyage, Moli'i gardens and fishpond tour, Secret Island, hula lessons or legends and legacy tour (storytelling and Hawaiian culture/mysticism of the valley).

NOTE: You must be at 10yo to ride a horse or 16yo to ride an ATV. Only one person per horse or vehicle.


Full Day Adventure Package

kualoa ranch horses

If you'd rather spend a day at the ranch (you might as well there's so much to see and do) you have your choice of 4 things to do from both the adventure and Hawaiian experience categories.


Consider mountain biking through the valley as well. That is a lot of fun! OR...do a combo of hiking, kayaking and snorkeling.

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The Experience Package

kualoa ranch fishponds house

Spend a day experiencing what the ranch has to offer. Each tour is an hour long. Do as much as you can or would like to in a day.

I took this picture during the fishponds tour. The above house has been used in different movies.

kualoa ranch fishponds

Pictured above is the sunset during the fishponds ride. Very serene and tranquil. It felt very mystical and special.


kualoa ranch chinamans view



Pricing & Coupons


The pricing for Kualoa Ranch ranges depending on what you want to do and if roundtrip transportation is needed or not. Check pricing & availability here...


Get the tours at Kualoa Ranch for free as part of an activity pass. Check out the Go Select Oahu card...


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