Navatek Dinner Cruise

The Navatek dinner cruise is an intimate & fun-filled way to spend an evening enjoying the famous Waikiki skyline, sunset & Diamond Head views.

navatek dinner cruise

The Boat

The Navatek dinner cruise is a catamaran with 2 levels for dining and a rooftop deck for watching the stunning Waikiki and Diamond Head views outside.

Each floor has entertainment in the front of the dining room and there is a small gift shop just off the main entry on the first floor. It's design is simple but offers a more intimate and laid back feel.

navatek dinner cruise dining room

The lower level is dedicated to the Sunset Buffet Dinner package and the upper level is for the Royal Sunset Dinner package.

The Sunset Buffet Dinner has a buffet spread and the Royal Dinner package has lobster and steak. The Royal also has private dinner tables with the option of having your table by the window.

navatek dinner cruise window seats


The Food

navatek dinner cruise dinner

Sunset Buffet Option

Garden Isle Salad with chef's choice of dressings, Paniolo Style Prime Rib, Garlic Shitake Teriyaki Chicken, Pacific Catch of the Day, Uncle Kimo's 10-hour Kalua Pork, Steamed Vegetables, Hawaiian Sea Salt Steamed White Rice, Rustic Caramelized Maui Onion Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Fruit Wedges, Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls served with Butter, and Chef's selection of dessert.

Beverages include one premium cocktail, coffee and tea.


Royal Dinner Option

Surf & turf dinner with lobster and steak. Beverages include 1 premium cocktails, coffee & tea. 

Child's menu:  Fresh Fruit Plate, Navatek Royal Salad, Paradise Chicken, Island Fish with Rice, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato, Carrots, Zucchini, Taro Rolls, and Chocolate Mousse Cake.  Child's Alii Club menu includes Steak and Lobster

Private table seating for every party

It's sort of a "nicer" experience with more of a special occassion feel to it. There is also entertainment.

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The Entertainment

navatek dinner cruise singers

These 2 singers were phenomenal with excellent vocal skills. Every cover song they performed was spot on and sounded great. They took requests from the audience too.

Their personalities were friendly and it almost felt like an informal, impromptu performance from a couple of friends who could sing.

Very genuine and sincere. The selections were a mixture of local Hawaiian and contemporary.

navatek dinner cruise dancers

A few of the dancers who came out to perform little hula vignettes.

navatek dinner cruise dancing

Some of the men performing the hula and Tahitian dancing. My boyfriend Pedro with the hat on got tricked into doing this.

Our waitress urgently came and asked him to assist her over in the hallway. We thought someone was hurt at first.

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The Experience

navatek dinner cruise me and pedro

I have to say that I really enjoyed my experience aboard the Navatek dinner cruise. I'm glad that I did it again recently because I hadn't done it in awhile. It was a much more intimate atmosphere with entertainment that we really enjoyed.

The boat wasn't even half full. That was bad for them but good for us. We went in May which is a quiet time.

Viewing Areas

navatek dinner cruise roof deck

This is a snapshot of the roofdeck viewing area on top of the boat. You can't walk beyond the seat so the area is small but it's still nice. Very romantic and quiet while we sailed along.

navatek dinner cruise viewing area

This is one of the side viewing areas beside the stairs. There's one on each of the 2 levels. Very small but it's big enough to get some nice side shots of Waikiki and Diamond Head.

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Navatek Vs Other Dinner Cruises


-SWATH technology-smoother, faster ride and can cover greater distance. The Navatek sails past Diamond Head to the Kahala area, a very wealthy enclave wheras the other boats stay in the immediate Waikiki area.

-If you are prone to sea sickness then this is a good boat for you-stable catamaran design.

-More intimate feel in a good way. We didn't feel like one of hundreds of people in a cattle call waiting to be served our food.

-More laid back and relaxing. The servers are more personal (not as many people to deal with) and it's easier to interact with the entertainers.

-The singers were fantastic. It was just a male & a female but it didn't feel like an overly commercial production of music or jokes that've been made a bunch of times before.

It felt authentic & they were very nice & personable. The Polynesian dancing was standard but cute. It's easy to get a picture with the dancers.

navatek dinner cruise entrance


-The boat decor needs serious updating. During daylight before the sun has set it's glaringly obvious how dated it is. It kind of reminded me of a 1970s floating ballroom.

-Small observation area(s). Outdoor views are limited to the back of the boat on a small section. There are some seats but not much area to walk around. On the 2 floors beneath the area just beside the stairs is even smaller but offers some side views.

-"Private" is relative in regards to the Royal dinner cruise option. The tables are pretty close to one another so you almost might as well be sitting with the people next to you.

For the Sunset buffet window seat upgrade you will probably be sharing a table next to the window with people you don't know if there are less than 4 of you.

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Location & Where To Check In

navatek dinner cruise check in area

The Navatek dinner cruise is located at the Aloha Tower Marketplace Pier 6 across the street from the downtown business district. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get there from Waikiki depending on traffic.

The Navatek is 1 of 4 boats there and looks nothing like any of the other boats.

One boat looks like a mini cruise ship (Star of Honolulu), another looks like almost like a wreck that could've been in Pirates of the Caribbean and the other boat looks like a tan, floating square building of sorts with lots of flags (Alii Kai).

navatek dinner cruise crew

After checking in at the desk to the left of the boat you'll be led to entrance and greeted by a crew member.

Just before boarding the boat a photographer takes a picture of you and your party and later the pictures are brought around for you to review and purchase if desired.

How To Get There

They offer roundtrip transportation which is included in the price. If driving out on your own then check in is at 5:00pm.

How Long Is It?

About 2 hours but on Fridays it stays out about an hour later in order to take advantage of the fireworks. They charge more for this cruise. On other days the cruise goes from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Monday - Thursday before 4pm first 3 hours $3.00
Each additional 30 minutes $3.00
Monday - Thursday after 4pm, Sundays, holidays- Flat $5.00 rate
Friday and Saturday-prepay $5.00 before entering parking lot.

How Much?

Pricing & Availability


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