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With Oahu coupons you can maximize your dollars in one of the most expensive destinations to vacation. Allocate funds where most desired by saving here and there.

Surprisingly deals can be had. Just do some research with the information listed below.

Oahu Coupons best save big

Also keep in mind that the most expensive times of the year to travel are during summer and the week from just before Christmas to New Year's.

With advance planning and booking you can still save yourself a great deal of money.


General Topics



Individual Activity Discounts & CouponsArizona Memorial interior view

Discounts range from 3-15% but some activities are a lot more especially if it's part of a 2 for 1 deal or a combo special.

It all starts with price shopping and comparison so the links below will get you started. You don't have to spend a lot but you can economize in one area in order to save money for another that costs more.

Luau deals Hanauma Bay deals
Snorkeling deals Island Touring deals
Pearl Harbor deals Hiking & Waterfall deals
Value Combo deals North Shore deals


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Current Hotel Promotions & Coupons

Oahu Coupons Ritz Carlton Residences

Pictured above: Ritz Carlton Residences Waikiki


4.5 Star Hotels

1. Kahala Hotel

Stay where celebrities & past presidents have. Oceanfront away from the hoopla, buiness & chaos of Waikiki. Luxurious setting with lots of pampering. You'll need a car or cab fare & activities don't pick up here but you can get transportation just a 10 minute drive away.


Learn more: The Kahala Hotel and Resort


2. Ritz-Carlton Residences Waikiki Beach

Signature, luxury, new construction, high rise private hotel residences located at the beginning of the heart of Waikiki. Long 1 block to beach about 7 minute walk to the best stretch of beach in Waikiki. Gorgeous property that has recently opened.


Learn more: Ritz Carlton Residences Waikiki



4 Stars

1. Hilton Waikiki Beach

The comfort, reliability & quality that you'd expect from a Hilton Brand. Conveniently located 1 short block from the beach and from the park. Easy to get in and out of Waikiki for work or fun and most activities pick up here. Close to the main drag for easy shopping & people watching. Not much of a pool for sunbathing but the beach is nearby.


Learn more: Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel


2. Hilton Garden Inn

The things that I said above for the Hilton Waikiki Beach apply here in terms of brand consistency & quality. This location is even more central in the heart of Waikiki and is less than a 10 minute walk to the beach at 1.5 blocks to the beach. Recently remodeled building with a modern, upscale, boutique feel. Easy tour pick up but you may have to walk half a block for some. Good pool for sunbathing.


Learn more: Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach


3. Shoreline Hotel

Cute little boutique hotel with a modern feel to it on a side street between the 2 main tourist strips of Kalakaua Ave & Kuhio Ave. All tours pick up across the street. Excellent location, beach is about 1 block or 5 minutes away. Older building that has been remodeled.


Learn more: Shoreline Hotel Waikiki


4. Waikiki Marina Resort Ilikai

Good option for those who would like a full-size kitchen with a real sink, fridge & countertop to prepare meals & save money. It's inside the Ilikai Hotel on the 2nd floor w/ a living room & separate bedroom. The pool could use updating & gets good sun but the beach is a short 5 minute walk down the ramp. The Hilton Hawaiian Village is also next door so I'd go there & hang out at their pool bars & restaurants. Tours pick up here. Timeshare units that you can rent for pretty cheap when the owners aren't using them.


Learn more: Waikiki Marina Resort at the Ilikai


5. Hilton Hawaiian Village-Oceanfront, 99% of activities pick up there, Friday night fireworks, huge salt-water lagoon, 15 minute walk to Ala Moana Shopping Center, as close to an all-inclusive resort as you can get in Waikiki because there are several shopping, restaurant and entertainment venues on the property. There's also a full-service 2 story spa and exotic animals.

  • Deal options include: Hilton Honors members get free wifi (free to join online by the way) or free breakfast for 4 & free wi-fi or AAA members can receive free breakfast for 4 & 5% off room rate or AARP members can save 5% or receive a daily $50 on-property credit good for shopping, dining or relaxing.

Learn more: Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort



3.5 Stars

Courtyard Waikiki Beach

I don't know why this hotel isn't rated higher especially when compared with other hotels in the 3-3.5 star category. It's a Marriott brand so the consistency & quality is there without having to pay for the resort price of it's sister brand, the Waikiki Marriott Beach. The location is probably a 10 minute walk or 2 blocks to the beach accounting for long traffic lights before crossing but it's clean & cute. The pool is ground floor with limited sun hours. I worked as a concierge in their lobby before and wouldn't mind staying there.


Learn more: Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach

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Aiport Arrival & Transfers

oahu coupons waikiki hotels

Whether you're looking to take a taxi cab or shuttle from the airport to your hotel or condo on the island or need transfers to/from the cruise ship pier there's options for you.

My top tip #1

-Avoid taking a taxi during rush hour between 3:15 pm & 6:00 pm. Travel times easily double.

-If heading to the airport from the west side then avoid 5:00 am-8:00 am.

My top tip #2

Allow way more time than you think you'll need. If there's an accident everything shuts down practically. Better to have an extra 30 or 60 minutes than to miss your plane altogether.

Side tip:

Your hotel will hold your bags until you can check in at 3:00 pm. Kill time by going for a walk, to the beach or hang out in the lobby.



Cab Fare Rates & General Transportation Prices

Airport Shuttle

Cruise Ship Transfers

Private Car & Limo

Private Van & Mini-Bus

Lei greetings

Gift baskets delivered to your hotel room or airport


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Oahu Coupons for Military

Military can save a lot of money on activities and lodging by dealing with their own resources. MWR should be the 1st go-to for activities.

Oahu Coupons Hale Koa

Lodging Options

Keep in mind:

  • Hale Koa can book out a year in advance during summer & Xmas
  • PCS season in Hawaii is HUGE during the summer because all of the branches are here
  • Pearl Harbor anniversaries are busy times-survivors, their families, aircraft carriers, etc come

Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki-oceanfront, resort style, plenty of discounted parking across the street, activities & tours pick up right there, bus stop in front, walk to everything in Waikiki, 20-30 min drive to Pearl Harbor depending on time of day. Overall it's a steal for the location. Neighboring hotels cost 3-5 times as much.

Navy Gateway-Pearl Harbor base location. $50/night, need a car, great new fitness center next door, nice, basic hotel w/ free laundry privileges. 808-800-2330

Inn of the Corps-Kaneohe Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe (MCBH), 15-20 min from Pearl Harbor, 30 min from Waikiki, need a car, great private beaches but usually not good for swimming, $150+/night, Kailua is next door, nice quiet, island-like environment. This was my husband's favorite place to surf. Pyramid Rock has the biggest beach & North Beach is nice too. Easier to cool off in the water at Pyramid. 808-254-2806

Royal Alakai'i Inn-Hickam located (joint base w/ Pearl Harbor). Basic hotel, need a car, popular w/ military flight crews. Nice BX & basic MCX & food court are nearby in reasonable walking distance. Space-A terminal is 5 minutes away. It's nice, quiet & peaceful on Hickam in my opinion. 808-800-2330

There's more hotels but these are the main ones for vacationing purposes.



Military Activity Discounts 10-40% Off
  • Activity discounts range from 10-40% off
  • Accessibility is a factor. If you need transportation you'll only be picked up in Waikiki. Plan to either stay in Waikiki or drive to a hotel location. Park at either the Hale Koa (discounted rates) or at the Honolulu Zoo for $1/hour
  • You will probably have to make a special trip to ITT at the NEX at Pearl Harbor to confirm your reservations. I'm guessing it's because they'll need to see your ID. Last time I checked they wouldn't do it over the phone.
  • Check each month to see the monthly specials on the ITT website (listed below)
  • If military I would book my outer island day trip through ITT & only through ITT. You'll save a LOT of money & won't pay tax. That adds up when it's a $400-$600 trip.
  • If you don't have time to deal with ITT try calling the company direct. You'll probably get a 10% discount BUT if something goes wrong you may not have as much protection or leverage when dealing directly with the company. ITT has your back when you go through them.

These rates are 2018.

Here is the activity pdf for Oahu

Here is the website that I go to in order to check below. They also have rates for the outer islands. (click on "Tickets & Travel" and then "Specials & Price Lists")



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Free Oahu Coupons

These are the 2 main types of deals that you'll see

1. Free Breakfast & Island Orientations
2. Coupon Books & Magazine Books

Not good for advanced planning because the deals in there are usually only good for that week or month.

If you're planning your trip months in advance that won't do you any good. Also the prices change annually most vendors raise their prices a little.

You're better off either booking online either through an activity company like the one that I link to on this website or visiting the website of the vendor directly.

Most vendors are consistent with their prices across the board.


1. Free Breakfast & Island Orientations

You've heard the saying: "There is no free lunch"? Well it's true in Hawaii too. Oftentimes people ask me about the $20 luau tickets or the free circle island tour that was offered to them by someone on the street.

Or I'll hear about the free breakfast & island orientation that they have. What they don't realize is that there is timeshare involved and/or being taken to a pearl store.

People will ask for your credit card information if you are getting the free tickets ahead of time.

This is in case you don't show up then they will charge you for what you got for free. If not dealing with a major hotel timeshare company like Hilton, Marriott , Disney I say don't do it.

Wyndham is ok but I'd book it through a corporate partner like Expedia inside a major hotel lobby, not on the street with somebody who approached you.

oahu coupons concierge photo

There's also a good chance your hotel concierge works for Expedia and has all the (individualized) attention you'll need. Also, if anything goes wrong you're dealing with a major company.

Sometimes Expedia will work in conjunction with Hilton or Wyndham to give you a major discount on activities in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation.

You'll be informed and if interested you can sign up with the timeshare company who is usually seated nearby. Your hotel concierge is trustworthy.



oahu coupons this week magazines

There are magazines and coupon books scattered throughout Waikiki in kiosks or on hotel counters.

They contain both reputable companies offering a discount and companies that are not so great offering a discount.

If you've never heard of them ask your hotel concierge.

Keep in mind:

  • The only thing required to be included in them is to pay the advertising fee so buyer beware in some cases.

  • The coupon booklets are time-sensitive. This means that the offers are good for the current month or the quarter. If trying to plan ahead of time this presents a challenge.

  • Sometimes the discounts are usually no better than what you can find ahead of time on a website like this or on the company's website. I don't think you're necessarily doing yourself a great favor by waiting to see what's inside one of these magazines.

    Worst case scenario book direct with the company over the phone, get the coupons when you get here out of one of the books & then call them back & tell them that you have the coupon. Ask them to adjust the rate. They'll probably say ok & ask you to bring the coupon with you when you come do the activity.



Free Things to Do

Here's a list of free things to do while here. If you come up with some more ideas be sure to let me know.


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Car Rental Options

To really save money I would try one of the following 2 options:


This is similar to Air B&B in that local people will rent you their cars for far cheaper than the big rental car companies. It's a car-share model.

I've personally used them a few times and had a good experience.

Sometimes you can get picked up at the airport or where you're staying.

My tips are:

  • I would personally use someone who's had reviews or "trips" so that you know if they're reputable
  • Filter the options by price (it doesn't automatically do this).
  • Register ahead of time
  • Don't wait til the last minute to try to get set up.
  • If you have questions ask ahead of time. I rented a car for a day to see if the person could accomodate my special request. If not they should refund it. I wish Turo allowed general messaging to a person.
  • Some renters offer a $25 discount to 1st time users of Turo.


2. Hawaii Discount Car Rental

Same as renting a car from one of the big, major companies such as Enterprise, Alamo, Budget, etc except that they get better rates.

You're still picking your car up from the rental company

The same rental terms apply

  • You pay your money to Hawaii Discount Car Rental instead of directly to the company
  • They are legit. Look them up on TripAdvisor & other places. I have personally spoken with the owner myself & they've been around awhile.
  • I would be clear on which rental car location you wanted. That can affect rates sometimes.
  • Keep in mind that car rates are higher during summer & xmas. The companies set these rates.

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Miscellaneous Tips & Hidden Costs

The miscellaneous, forgotten costs REALLY, REALLY add up fast. Keep the following 5-6 things in mind. These are the costs that blow a budget real fast & turn your vacation dreams into a nightmare.


1. Parking

It's hard. It's expensive with the average hotel charging $45/day VALET ONLY.

Most hotels (as in 99%) have valet only parking. You can't park your own car & those guys expect to be tipped too.

Free parking is almost impossible.

Try these tips to keep parking costs down:

  • Limit car use to 2 days & pay for 1 night of parking only. Pick it up 1st thing on day one & drop off in the evening on day 2. Pick a rental location w/ after-hours drop off or you'll pay-for the car and for more parking.
  • Park at the Honolulu Zoo for $1/hr
  • Park on Monsarrat Ave behind the zoo for free
  • Parking on Ala Wai Ave is almost impossible. You're competing with hotel employees & residents
  • If staying in a condo make sure it has a parking spot.
  • Some garages have a cheaper flat fee in the evening with no in & out. These are usually on the side streets between Kuhio Ave & Kalakaua or of some of the larger commercial office buildings.


2. Resort Fees

Resort fees, hospitality charge, amenity fee, etc. They have various names but it's there & you HAVE to pay it. It's not optional.

  • It must be paid directly to the hotel upon check out. Even if your hotel is pre-paid you'll have this charge at the end.

I've seen many arguments with the front desk clerk while I was sitting at my concierge desk.

  • It ranges from $20-$30/day & includes things like "free" wi-fi, free local phone calls, free newspapers, pool towels, fitness center, coffee in the room, etc. I personally put this in the same category of having to pay to check a piece of luggage on the plane.

Add on $25/day for a week stay and that's almost another $200.

TIP #1: Ask if the free wi-fi includes inside your room too. Probably not. Many times it's just the common areas such as the hotel lobby & you may be charged more to get wired (more reliable) internet connection in your room.

Tip #2: The cost to do laundry at the hotel is another cost & not free usually. While there may be machines they'll charge you to use them.


3. Cleaning Fees & GET (State) Tax

If staying in a condo ON TOP OF the daily fee & the cleaning fees you'll also have to pay the GET tax.

So, that $1000/week condo just turned into a $1250+ condo.

  • Expect cleaning fees to be $90-$200 + tax depending on the size of the place & length of stay
  • GET or State taxes are 4.17%-4.72%
  • Technically there is a transient accomodations tax which you may or may not be charged but should be.

Read the fine print. Also check to make sure there's someplace to do laundry on the premises.


4. Food

Want a few goodies & snacks to tie you over between meals out? Get ready to pay for them.

  • Milk? @ $10/gallon
  • A small container of fruit w/ about 8 cut up chunks of pineapple, etc? $5-$6
  • Cereal? $5/box+
  • Dairy? A lot more than you're used to.

Think about these things.

Try these money saving tips:

  • Go to a grocery store outside of Waikiki that's not an ABC store to save a little.
  • Buy a case of water to keep in your room all week.
  • If you have a family maybe go to Sam's Club or Costco to buy in bulk a few things to save money. You'll need a membership.
  • Things are cheaper at Walmart as well. Take an aspiring before you go because the one near Waikiki is a zoo.


5. Activities

People forget to add up how much it is for the WHOLE family to do stuff. Factor in about $100/head per activity on average.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Your kids aren't kids unless they're under 12 yo
  • Only luaus discount for kids in the 5-8 yo range. Some.
  • That baby or toddler you have? Free but only if it's sitting on your lap the whole time and not taking up a seat including the baby seat & gear that you have.
A money example:
  • Luau-$100/person=$400 for a family of four
  • Circle Island Tour-$140/person=$600 for a family of four
  • We just spent $1,000 on TWO things. Helicopter rides & day trips to outer islands are a lot more.

I'm not saying don't do these things but to factor them in.

I've seen lots of people get mad or be disappointed because they couldn't live the trip of their dreams.

Save money in one area in order to experience something incredible in another. Don't get caught off guard.

Inexpensive "filler" activities to do inbetween the bigger, more expensive ones:

It just takes planning.


6. Tipping

It's America so you're "expected" to tip. It's not required but is appreciated.

How much and when to tip:

  • Restaurants: 15-20% if being served. Many restaurants automatically add 18% for parties of 6 or more. The money you give is basically the money that they make so it's real important.
  • Bellman:$1-$5/bag
  • Valet:$1-$2 each time they bring you their car
  • Tours & activities: Depends. These are left up to judgement but I would give something, more if you love the person & can afford it.
  • A circle island tour driver who spent 4-8 hours taking you around: $10-$20+, not less than $5
  • A helicopter pilot: $20+
  • A large luau w/ hundreds of people & several people helping you: nothing. I would however tip the bus driver $2-$5.
  • Shuttle driver to/from the airport:$2-$5, more if he/she helped you w/ a bunch of heavy bags & gave great service
  • Taxi driver: I struggle w/ this one because many of them are horrible, try to take you the long way to where you're going, don't speak or look at you & could obviously care less. Even with that I'll still give 15-20%, 10% if I almost hate you. My dad used to drive a cab when I was kid so it's hard for me to give $0.
  • Hotel maid: This is hard because everyday you'll probably have someone different. $2/day maybe or perhaps $10 for a week. Again something is good, even
  • The tip cup at a take-out restaurant: Optional, not more than $1-$2. I don't agree with the practically in-your-face tactics many places have these days. If you like them give, if it's whatever, don't. You're not being waited on so don't feel pressured.
  • A snorkel boat tour that's 4+ hours: Probably $5-$20

*If you were to only tip 1 or 2 of the above categories I'd say don't skip the waiter at the restaurant or the bellman lugging your bags.


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