Oahu Hawaii Weather

Oahu Hawaii Weather is amongst in the entire world let alone the US with near constant sunny blue skies, warm temperatures and gentle tradewinds.

FAQs About the Weather in Oahu

What's the average temperature on Oahu?

The temperature doesn't vary much. Perhaps 10 degrees at most although exceptions do occur. Generally the weather is in the low to mid 80s during the day and the upper 70s at night.

oahu hawaii weather

In late August through early September it can feel particularly muggy because the trade winds die down causing us to lose our breezes that generally blow.

Keep in mind that locations at higher elevations in the hills and mountains will feel noticeably cooler particularly at night by perhaps as much as 10 degrees.

What's the difference between winter & summer temps?

About 10 degrees

When is the summer season and when is winter?

Summer season is May-September roughly
Winter season is October/November-March/April

There's generally just 2 seasons-winter and summer or wet and dry/rainy(er) depending on how you want to look at it.

Does it rain a lot? When does this happen?

No BUT it does depend on which part of the island you are on and at what time of the year. The windward (eastern) side gets more rain which is why it is much greener and lush than the leeward (western) side of the island.

The southern and northern shores tend to be inbetween. Rain tends to occur more often at night and if it occurs during the day it is likely to be a light to moderate sprinkle lasting less than 5 minutes.

There are times during the winter months where it will rain hard and/or be more overcast and cloudy with showers occuring more frequently. Locations in valleys such as Manoa will have a lot more rain.


General Oahu Hawaii Weather Questions

What's the water temperature?

During the winter months 77.4-79 degrees. From July-October 79-81 degrees. If the water feels cold it is most likely because it is windy or early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not at its highest.

When is hurricane season?

June to November. The last major hurricane hit Kauai in September, 1992 and was called Hurricane Iniki.

When do they have the big waves on Oahu?

Yes! The biggest waves occur during December and January on the north shore of Oahu when they can get 20-30 ft high or more. Surf season up there begins in the fall and winds and begins winding down in March up there.

Does it get foggy on Oahu?

Sometimes-what appears to be fog here is actually called "vog". Vog is actually emission from the volcano on the Big Island. The Kona winds sometimes blow it over toward Oahu causing the sky to appear hazy and foggy in appearance.

When is whale watching season?

Mid December to mid April


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