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On Oahu helicopter tours are one of the best ways to see the island in the shortest amount of time.

While it is not the same as getting out of a vehicle and experiencing it up close you gain such a different and vast perspective from the air.

You will see valleys and waterfalls that you cannot drive to such as Kualoa ranch where famous films and TV shows such as Jurassic Park and Lost were filmed.

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Me About To Depart on My Flight

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You will fly over Diamond Head crater and Koko Head crater, our 2 dormant volcanoes before hovering over and around Hanauma Bay, THE best place for snorkeling.

You can actually see the reef formations from the air.

Heading up the eastern coastline before approaching Kualoa valley you'll get a chance to be a bird and soar up by the Pali lookout before flying down to scan low near the ocean approaching Chinaman's Hat.

There are all of these circular sandbars dotted throughout Kaneohe Bay that remind me of big lilly pads.

After flying over Kualoa valley you'll experience first hand a lot of the famous aerial shots known to man from TV and the movies you'll come to Sacred Falls, an 1100 ft waterfall only viewable by air because hiking access is no longer available.

In 1999 on Mother's Day a huge landslide occurred killing 8 people and injuring over 50 others who were on the path that day. It is truly stunning to witness the sheer, steep, narrow canyon walls with the waterfall thundering down the side of the mountain.

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Flying RIGHT Over Diamond Head Crater The Koolau Mountain Range-Kualoa Ranch Is Just AheadHeading Up the Windward Coast Toward North Shore

After Sacred Falls the tour continues toward the north shore famous for its world class surf breaks.

In the wintertime you can see the huge swells moving in creating large waves below.After the north shore you'll fly over the central plain of the island.

With its redder than red dirt below you'll instantly know that you're in an agricultural area. The Dole Pineapple Plantation is in this area and has several acres of neatly planted rows of pineapple growing below.

You'll see the plantation visitors center itself because they've constructed a large pineapple maze out of hedges and the shape is only visible from the air.

Last but not least prior to your descent near the airport you'll get to fly over Pearl Harbor. You actually get to fly over the Arizona Memorial and can see the sunken ship below. Additionally, there are numerous battleships that can be seen as well.

On Oahu most helicopter tours last 45 minutes and that's just what I've described above.

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oahu helicopter tours fishponds

Ancient Fishponds of Kualoa Ranch Area

oahu helicopter tours fishponds oahu helicopter tours chinamans hat oahu helicopter tours kualoa oahu helicopter tours sacred falls oahu helicopter tours pearl harbor

They all start out leaving the airport area and head toward Diamond Head Crater via flying over downtown and Waikiki.

The 60 minute Oahu helicopter tours include a little bit of the west side around the KoOlina area but are not allowed to fly around the actual western tip of the island or over the western valleys due to air restrictions of no-fly zones issued by the military.

According to representatives of the helicopter companies I've spoken to you're not missing much. The 30 minute tours include Waikiki, Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay. All very pretty but you're missing the best part in my opinion which would include Kualoa Valley, Chinaman's Hat and Sacred Falls.

Go ahead and spring for the 45 minute tour. It's a once in a lifetime experience! If 30 minutes is truly preferable do it with Paradise Helicopters out of the north shore. Do the waterfalls tour with them. Their helipad is close to that part of the island.

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