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Oahu nightlife is primarily based in Waikiki and Honolulu but out in other parts of the island there is still something to do.

It tends to be a lot more laid back without the glitz and glam spots of the big city but for many people this is a plus. Read on for more details of different options.


Honolulu Nightlife

Most of the nightclubs and lounges on the island are going to be down in Honolulu in the downtown Chinatown areas and just beyond.

People who live in other parts of the island will travel here in order to frequent one of the bars, pubs or slick nightclubs or lounges. Learn more here...


Waikiki Nightlife

The tourist mecca of Waikiki has the vast majority of stereotypical island nightlife in the sense of local entertainers singing Hawaiian music and beach bars to have drinks at.

Almost all are located in a hotel but some are tucked away on side streets and other types of venues. The scene is very international and runs the gamut from country and jazz to pumping djs spinning music. Read more here...


North Shore Nightlife

I would not drive to the north shore for any of these places but if you are staying in the vicinity and are wondering what to do then these places are worth considering.

The north shore is very casual and laid back and most people just have a gathering at their homes.

If you are 20 something then stopping by one of the pro surfer houses during contest season in December might appeal to you. It's basically a frat house style party at a beach house with young pro surfers and anybody else who shows up. Beer, music and talking about waves. Most of the houses are on the beach by Pipeline.

Banzai Sushi- Open air hippie style sushi restaurant with the option to sit at tables or on cushions on the floor at a low table. Saturday nights have a live band and there might be dj type of music playing otherwise. Locals in the area might go here for a night out. Located in Haleiwa town.

Breakers-Restaurant and sports bar (emphasis on bar) located in the North Shore Marketplace in Haleiwa. It's basically a sports bar with surfer posters on the wall and a place for locals to go drink without having to drive all the way to Honolulu. Younger crowd, odd mix but then it wouldn't be the north shore without some characters in the mix.

Surfer The Bar-Located at Turtle Bay Resort with gorgeous ocean views. Live local acts will perform here sometimes and there's usually a weekly interview with a professional surfer. It's not about the food here but more about drinking and hanging out by the ocean. The crowd (if there is one) consists mostly of tourists but locals will come depending on who is playing.

Lei Lei's-Very good food located on the side of the golf course at Turtle Bay resort. Again tourists and north shore locals mix here pretty easily. Open air design with tiki torches and a nice little bar to sit at if preferred. Tv screens to watch sports but it doesn't have too much of a sports bar feel. This is definitely a restaurant first but if you want an "adult" atmosphere to have drinks & enjoy food this is a good option.

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Kailua Nightlife

Kailua is another sleepy part of the island as far as Oahu nightlife goes but if you just want to kick back and have a drink or two in a casual environment then it should be fine. Kailua is a residential area full of vacation rental homes and villas so there are no loud nightclubs here and places tend to shut down "early". If staying on this side of the island then consider:

The Shack- Neighborhood sports bar that gets packed on weekends during football season. The food is good on some things and average on others. Open air design and a very, casual feel.

Boardriders-Old, dive bar type of place with cheap beer and taco Tuesdays. You get the picture. Tvs to watch sports games on, pool tables and decent happy hour considering.



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