Oahu Scuba Diving
World Class Conditions

p>Oahu scuba diving offers the opportunity to experience the best world class conditions imaginable. From sunken wrecks and vessels to schools of exotic fish it's what dreams are made of. Imagine slipping onto one of the pages of National Geographic to go exploring.

The waters off of Oahu, particularly on the west side are very warm (78-83 degrees) and crystal clear. Depending on your certification level you can dive from 30-100ft.

oahu scuba diving

Many places will help you get certified as well and if you are not it doesn't matter because you can still participate.I was able to experience it through a beginner dive with zero background in scuba diving.

After being taught the basics of how to work my equipment and breathe and relax I was led one on one by an instructor slowly down to a depth of 30 or 40 ft.

We communicated constantly through hand signals about my well-being and comfort level. I couldn't get past 7-10 ft at first but eventually got the hang of it and I got to experience first-hand a world I had only seen in magazine pictures before.

It was like a big underwater room and I could not believe how far down I was. I saw eels, turtles, colorful fish and a tiki totem pole like thing covered in coral. oahu scuba diving turtle

There were little coves and I could not believe how silent and peaceful it was or how gracefully fish and turtles can move.

They were just sleeping on the floor of the ocean like little babies.If you are certified an even more incredible world of wonder is open to you.

Usually you will be asked if you have your PADI license card with you and if you do not some places are equipped to research and find it. Also expect to be asked some general questions such as how long it has been since the last time you dived.

Depending on the length of time you may not be allowed to go as deep or at least not at first until you have had a refresher with them at a shorter depth.

oahu scuba diving wreck

Most places give the option of a 1 or 2 tank dive and will let you bring your own equipment or pieces of it and charge you accordingly. Prescription masks are usually available too.

On Oahu scuba diving is available off of the coastline of the immediate Waikiki/Honolulu area but I strongly suggest getting out of the city and going to the west side if you can where the waters are a lot more pristine and remote not to mention clearer and cleaner.

It could take you 45 minutes to 1 hour to get out there (transportation included) but I think it's worth the effort and you'll have a much wider variety of dives available to you.





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