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Check out some Oahu videos I made to give you a quick and better idea of things to do on Oahu. Some are detailed explanations of a particular topic and others are some I caught on the fly while attending or doing something. Both are intended to help you and/or give an idea of what it's actually like to be there.

oahu videos

Map of Oahu video-Explains how to get around and where the major highlights are

Waikiki Trolley-How to use the trolley to explore

Polynesian Cultural Center-What it is and how it works

The Bus-How to use it and get to popular spots

Sea Life Park-Swim with a dolphin and more

North Shore Pt 1-Shows with a map where the highlights are

North Shore Pt 2-More detailed north shore video with pictures of the various highlights

Sunset cocktail cruise-Video I took during one of the "booze cruises" that they offer here



Map of Oahu

This video explains what is where on the islzand of Oahu. I go into explanations of where the highlights are, driving times and what to expect.


Waikiki Trolley

The Waikiki Trolley is available at a low cost to explore Waikiki and a few other areas. I explain where to get it and how it works.

*NOTE: I need to make an updated video because the prices have changed. It's basically the same except now you don't have to buy a 2 color pass for the red or green trolleys. You can purchase either the red or green trolley pass by itself for $20 for adults.

There is also a blue line trolley that goes to Sea Life Park for $20 stopping at Hanauma Bay and the Halona Blowhole along the way. Runs 3 times a day and takes 2.5 hours.


Polynesian Cultural Center

The #2 attraction on the island with a lot to see and do. It can also be confusing to understand. In this video I make it simple and explain what it is, the packages and costs and what to keep in mind.

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The Bus

The Bus can be an excellent way to get around at a low cost. I don't recommend it for touring beyond the Honolulu and Waikiki areas into the more remote and country parts of the island. I show you how to use it most effectively and what's involved.


Sea Life Park

Interested in swimming with a dolphin? This video shows you where you can do it, the programs, costs and age restrictions to consider.


North Shore Pt 1

Overview of the north shore and it's highlights. I show you what is where on the map and how to get there including little tips.

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North Shore Pt 2

This video has pictures of the actual places I talked about in part 1. I find it's easier to find places if you can see what they look like. You'll also get a better idea if you want to stop someplace if it's of interest to you or not. Allow a day for the north shore. I don't recommend trying to do Pearl Harbor the same day since it seems to be "on the way" on the map. That's a whole other deal best left for a half or full day.


Sunset Cocktail Cruise

This video is from the Waikiki Rigger sunset sail cruise. It's 90 minutes, chill and has open bar. The boat is parked right on the beach in front of the Outrigger Reef on the Beach hotel. Don't wait til the day of to book it because they sell out.

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