Pearl Harbor Oahu
#1 Attraction on the Island

Pearl Harbor on Oahu is the most famous site on Oahu drawing visitors from around the world averaging over 1.5 million people annually. I've noticed many people are confused about what it is they want to see at Pearl Harbor.

pearl harbor oahu

People will say "I want to go to Pearl Harbor" when in fact they want to go to the Arizona Memorial. Pearl Harbor is an active military base on which the Arizona Memorial along and other attractions/museums are located.

The Arizona Memorial is the site where the Japanese bombed the United States in 1941 thus setting off World War II. You can visit on your own or take a tour. I recommend taking a tour even though admission is free because they run out tickets frequently or the wait to enter can be long.

battleship missouri

Pearl Harbor consists of 5 main attractions with the Arizona Memorial pictured at the top above being the most popular. There is also the Battleship Missouri. Many people like to view these 2 in conjunction because you get to see where the attack happened as well as where the peace treaty ending World War II was signed.

Other attractions include the Pacific Aviation Museum, the USS Oklahoma and the USS Bowfin (submarine). See this Pearl Harbor Map for an idea of how it is all laid out.

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There are lots of different tours but if you want something very basic in the cheapest way possible to see the Arizona Memorial then check out the Go Oahu card. It includes the ticket and roundtrip transportation with up to 55% off.

Arizona Memorial

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