Polynesian Cultural Center Discount
Don't Pay Full Price

A Polynesian Cultural Center discount is available with a little bit of advance planning. It is not necessary to pay full price. The largest savings is available through an activity pass but there are other options too.

polynesian cultural center discount village performance

Either you can choose to do the basic package is the most economical or choose from any of their packages for a smaller discount.

I advise you to do a package rather than paying for general admission, dinner and the show individually. Learn more below.


General Information


Polynesian Cultural Center Discount-What's There

The Polynesian Cultural Center is the #2 attraction on the island of Oahu. Pearl Harbor is #1. Located near the north shore about an hour’s drive away it is a place to learn about Polynesian culture and history.

polynesian cultural center ha

Owned and managed by the Mormon faith with most employees being students at nearby Brigham Young University they do an excellent job.

It is very authentic and you will have the opportunity to observe and/or participate in cultural activities demonstrated by people who are from the countries represented.

There are 7 mock villages representing 7 different countries that can be visited. Once there they will educate you, sing, dance and provide the opportunity to participate in cultural activities.

polynesian cultural center discount

At 2:30 pm there is a canoe pageant parade where each country has a canoe with dancers performing on top while trying not to fall in. They also have an IMAX theater, shops and a theater pavilion.

polynesian cultural center discount parade

Normally the way it goes is that you go and visit the villages during the daytime from 12:00-5:00pm, then from 5:30-7:30pm you eat dinner (luau or buffet) and then from 7:30pm-9:00pm is the big show, HA with about 100 dancers and 10 fire knife dancers.

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Discounts & Coupons

1. Go Oahu Card-includes admission to the villages as well as up to 50% off other island activities.

TIP: A minimum 3 day pass includes a free dinner & admission to the HA show if you choose this as your bonus activity. I think the HA show is the BEST show in the entire state.

Great for the independent traveler who hates tours and has his/her own car. Go at your own pace and on your own schedule.


2. 10% off-Book at least 10 days ahead of time and receive a 10% discount off your purchase.



Polynesian Cultural Center Discount-Packages

Packages In a Nutshell

They have a lot of different packages and it would be very easy for me to overwhelm you so I will try to keep it simple.

I go into detail in this article but the 2 most popular packages include the village, dinner & the show.

  • The main differences involve where you sit, what you get to eat and whether or not you have a guide.
  • Doing it as a combo allows you to save money rather than paying for each individually.

Refer to this seating chart for more clarity in the descriptions below.

polynesian cultural center discount canal

For Go Oahu Card users you get :

  • Admission to Villages (self-guided)
  • Buffet Dinner (see menu here)
  • HA show (grey seats; they will let you pay for an upgraded seat if available)
  • TIP: A minimum 3 day pass includes a free dinner & admission to the HA show if you choose this as your bonus activity.

For 10% off early booking (at least 10 days) you get:

Your choice of any of the packages. See below for descriptions of each. See description of packages here

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Polynesian Cultural Center Discounts-Military

There are military discounts available for active duty personnel. An ID is necessary to purchase.

Where To Purchase

I would go directly to the source which would be MWR on one of the bases. You could call the Polynesian Cultural Center directly and see if they'll do it for over the phone but MWR is good too, especially if you plan to do more than one thing.

polynesian cultural center luau fire show

This is the MWR website with lots of detailed information such as the bases and hours during which tickets can be purchased.

This document which is also found on their website has a listing of activity prices for military including the Polynesian Cultural Center. From what I can tell the savings is about 20%.

The phone number for the NEX location at Pearl is 808-422-2757. The address is 4725 Bougainville Drive Bldg 63, Honolulu, HI 96818 (On the left side of the NEX Mall; it's almost next to the commissary.) The hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm; Sundays & holidays 9am-3pm.

Can I Go to the Hale Koa Hotel?

No, you must go IN PERSON to MWR at one of the bases to purchase them. They are strict about this. No phone calls but in person.

The NEX near Pearl Harbor is going to be the closest location to the Hale Koa in Waikiki. Again, view this website for more details.

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HA Show Video Clip

Here is a video clip from the HA Breath of Life show. Each of the 7 Polynesian villages is featured but I chose the Hawaii portion of the show in order to give you an idea of what it's like. The conclusion of the show has 10 fire dancers.





Tips & Recommendations

1. Go Oahu card users MUST make a reservation ahead of time, especially if attending dinner and the show.

Don't go to Pearl Harbor the next day if staying til 9pm

2. Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen &/or take a hat

3. Don't schedule a full day the next day

4. If driving out check out the Dole Pineapple Plantation & a couple of north shore highlights on the way there. The center doesn't open until 12:00 pm

5. If driving & staying til the end (9pm) return to Waikiki via the north shore, Haleiwa. The roads will be lit. If you go the other way the road is dark and windy.

6. I wouldn't take little babies, toddlers or small children w/ short attention spans. If you do, just visit the villages during the daytime.

polynesian cultural center discount native

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Polynesian Cultural Center Discount-Pros & Cons


1. Save up to 50% off with the Go Oahu card

2. Save 10% if you book it at least 10 days ahead of time

3. Go Oahu card allows you freedom-see the center at your own pace, on your own schedule

4. Go Oahu card allows you to see & experience the basics-you are not paying for upgrades that you may not need or care about.



1. You don't get the best seats or meal with the Go Oahu card.

2. You don't get the luau option with the Go Oahu card

3. Transportation is not included with the Go Oahu card but can be purchased directly from the Polynesian Cultural Center. Do at least a couple days ahead of time.

For some people who have a car they don't mind not having trans and would prefer it that way.

4. It's a long day; you can choose how long but it is a time investment. I think it's worth it but depending on your situation or personality it might not be.

5. No alcohol is served. This may or may not matter to you.

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Hours, Location, Transportation


Monday-Saturday 12:00noon-9:00pm


55-370 Kamehameha Hwy  Laie, HI 96762. Phone number is 808-293-3333. Parking is $8 cash if driving.

polynesian cultural center discount canoes

Transportation Options


  • Rent a car
    • Don't rent one just for this activity; it'll be sitting in the parking lot the whole time
    • DO rent a car if you want to come & go as you please
    • DO rent a car if you would like to stop by Dole Pineapple Plantation on the way and see a couple of north shore highlights such as the turtles and Sunset Beach. Have lunch at the shrimp trucks just before coming
    • Parking is $8 cash (subject to change without notice)
  • Expect to keep the car overnight (& thus pay for parking; average $35/night)
TIP: Enterprise Rental Car at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach has after hours drop off. Most Waikiki locations do no so this is a PLUS!

  • Go Oahu card DOES NOT include transportation but it can be purchased separately from the Polynesian Cultural Center. They charge $22 roundtrip.
  • The drive back to Waikiki is one hour
  • TIP: Drive back to Waikiki through the north shore and Haleiwa. If you take the other way the road is dark and windy at night.
Roundtrip Transportation Available
  • The Polynesian Cultural Center offers roundtrip transportation
  • Cost is $22 per person, even children; kids under 5yo can sit on a lap
  • Pickup times are either 10-10:30am OR 12-12:30pm; expected return to Waikiki is about 10:30pm
  • NOTE: The HA show is over at 9:00pm; expect to be on the buses by 9:30pm. The drive back to Waikiki is 1 hour.



Expect to pay about $100-120 ONE WAY for a taxi. The drive is about 1-1.5 hours depending on traffic and time of day.

City Bus

The city bus is not feasible in my opinion. It would take about 2 hours one way. Cost is $2.50 exact change for adults.

There is also only 1 bus that leaves there after the show. It's on a dark road outside the center in the country. If you miss it you're looking at a $100 taxi.

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