9 Best Restaurants in Haleiwa Not to Miss

9 best restaurants in Haleiwa for eating on the north shore on the go. There's a lot to see and do and at some point you'll have to stop and eat. There's lots of restaurants and food trucks to check out but these are my favorites.

restaurants in haleiwa

Restaurants in Haleiwa

1. Matsumoto's Shave Ice

Classic place to get shave ice on the north shore. They've been around FOREVER and have all of the classic and local flavors. The lines are long but it moves pretty quickly.

restaurants in haleiwa matsumotos shave ice


2. Haleiwa Joe's

The BEST place to out to dinner on the north shore in my opinion. The food is world-class and the prices are very reasonable. The portions are HUGE and mind-boggling. The taste is epic.

restaurants in haleiwa haleiwa joes

Located next to the Haleiwa Boat Harbor across from the 76 gas station and just past the Haleiwa Bridge. The vibe is casual. You could go in wearing shorts and slippahs.

Tiki torches burn at night and the service is excellent. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Haleiwa.


3. Cafe Haleiwa

Old school breakfast diner with all the classics. It's a cute, little, homey place with granny curtains on the windows. Lots of charm and hospitality with a country feel. I like the pancakes and other breakfast classics.

restaurants in haleiwa cafe haleiwa

It's popular so be prepared to wait. Located across the street from the McDonald's and health food store just past the post office.


4. Paalaa Kai Bakery

Why? Snow Puffs. They are SO good that once you take a bite you will just close your eyes and say YUMMMM!!! I must warn you that they are quite messy. I always look like I ducked my face and hands in a vat of white powder but it is so worth it.

restaurants in haleiwa paalaa bakery

Light, flaky and crispy on the outside and filled with cream on the inside it's like heaven in a box. Buy several. These are my favorite pastries on the whole island.


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5. Ted's Bakery

Located by Sunset Beach they make excellent plate lunches, breakfast and pastries. What they are best well-known for are their pies. They're sold island wide but there's nothing like getting a slice fresh from the source.

restaurants in haleiwa teds bakery

I also like their crab sandwich and their version of garlic shrimp. Everything is good honestly and the same people have been working there forever. Locals still go there regularly and of course the tourists. Delicious.


6. Shark's Cove Grill

This is a little food truck located across the street from the popular north shore snorkel spot known as Shark's Cove. It's also next door to the Foodland Grocery store and across the street from the fire station just past Waimea Bay.

restaurans in haleiwa sharks cove grill shrimp

When I lived up here I used to love their banana protein smoothie for breakfast. It was VERY thick and filling and maybe included peanut butter. I also like their fresh-grilled fish sandwich. The taro buns are good!

restaurants in haleiwa sharks cove grill

They have tables to sit at so it was nice to be able to hang out and look at the ocean across the street, especially when the waves were up. They would crash and waterfall over the reef walls.

restaurants in haleiwa sharks cove grill view


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7. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

This is my favorite, favorite, favorite place to go for classic garlic shrimp and that has not changed over the years. Located about 5 minutes east of Turtle Bay Resort just past all of the other shrimp trucks is Giovanni's.

You get about a dozen jumbo shrimp that have been cooked in garlic and butter with a side of rice. Other options include having it spicy style or having mac salad on the side.

garlic shrimp oahu

The lines are long but move quickly and is definitely worth the wait. Cash only. They also have plenty of tables with shade to protect you from the sun and occassional drizzle.

I remember when it was only the truck and a few tables. It has grown in popularity over the years and with good reason.


8. Uncle Woody's Corn Stand

There's a little stand to get Kahuku corn in the shopping area next to Giovanni's Shrimp.

restaurants in haleiwa corn stand

Imagine a large ear of corn on a stick that's been grilled and then dipped in seasonings. I like to have mine dipped in butter as well. Delicious! There's different flavoring options to choose from.

restaurants in haleiwa corn stand


9. Waialua Bakery

One of the best places to go for healthy vegetarian eating on the north shore. Conversely it's also a great place to go for nonsense. Great smoothies, healthy sandwiches, pastries and more.

restaurants in haleiwa waialua bakery

Located next to the parking lot for Malama supermarket. If you have a vegetarian in the group it still works out because this is located near other restaurants for easy grab and go.


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