Sacred Falls

Located on the windward side of Oahu near the town of Hauula Sacred Falls is a beautiful 1100 ft waterfall with restricted access. The only way to see it now is by a helicopter ride.

sacred falls

People used to be able to hike it until a landslide occurred on Mother's Day in May of 1999 during which many hikers were killed and injured.

Since then the state of Hawaii closed off the trail forbidding access on foot. Some people still sneak in but it is considered to be "kapu" or off limits even by sacred or spiritual law and going in anyway could bring bad luck or misfortune. I don't know if this is true or not but I'm not finding out.

The waterfall is actually part of a 1370 acre state park which also includes the Kaluanui gulch. The waterfall is characterized by the unique formation of 2 canyon walls that close in very tight and close together.

At the base of the waterfall is a large pool. The town of Hauula is near the north shore on the eastern side of the island between Polynesian Cultural Center and Kualoa ranch.

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If you opt to take a helicopter ride to see it then I recommend doing one with the doors off for maximum photo ops.

You don't have the glass in the way of great photos and most angles are good since they only take up 4 passengers besides the pilot with the doors off. Make sure you have a strap for your camera though.

If you do decide to venture in the hike is 2.2 miles one way and the terrain can be trecherous and slippery. Hikers have gotten into trouble during flash floods and it's often wet in this part of the island which is why it's so green.

Again, it is not advised to do it but it sure is beautiful to admire from the air.


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