Sea Life Park Oahu

Sea Life Park Oahu is a great excursion for the whole family and for all ages. From swimming with the world's only "wolphin" to kissing, swimming and dancing with dolphins Sea Life Park has a lot to offer.


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Sea Life Park Oahu Entrance Sign

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The animals also perform in shows. I saw a "beauty pageant" between two sea lions. They had various talent showdowns involving painting, ballet dancing, clapping and singing. Penguins and dolphins have their own shows as well.

There's also the opportunity to feed turtles almost as big as a person and to go on a sea trek allowing you to snuba while holding sea lions in your arms like a baby and swimming with mantarays.

Nestled in a gorgeous part of the island on the eastern part of the island on the eastern shore across from Makapuu and Rabbit Island the views here cannot be beat.


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Sea Lion Beauty and Talent Show

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sea life park oahu 11 Imagine being surrounded by a green canyon wall of mountains that running down the coastline on one side and having drop-dead beautiful views of the Pacific ocean and Rabbit Island on the other.

It's like being in a far-away land.


I swam with dolphins surrounded by this kind of beauty. I kept having to pinch myself.


Sea Life Park Oahu-General Information

Sea Life Park is open daily from 10:30am-5pm and if you are participating in one of their programs such as a dolphin swim which I highly recommend then admission and transportation from Waikiki is included in the price. Kids 2 and under are free.Reservations are required for all interactive programs due to high popularity.

One way to save on admission to Sea Life Park is if you purchase the GoOahu card . ADMISSION IS FREE and you can also save over 50% on over 36 popular attractions on Oahu. There are also bathrooms, changing rooms and lockers for $2 and playgrounds for the little ones. Parking is $5.

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They have snack stands and a cafeteria offering an extensive menu of foods running the gamut from vegi burgers, salads and fruit to hamburgers, hot dogs and local-style grinds such as loco-mocos and teri-burgers.

You can easily make a day or half day out of Sea Life Park and you don't have to worry about being inconvenienced or stressed out with little ones because of how the park is laid out.


Maybe start the day with some snorkeling at Hanauma Bay about 15 minutes away and finish up here.



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Dolphin Program Video Explanation




Sea Life Park Oahu-Dolphin Programs

You can opt for them to pick you up at your hotel in Waikiki or to drive out on your own if that's preferable. I've heard great things about the Snuba.

Big thumbs up from people I've booked it for. Let me give you a quick summary of the dolphin swims:

Dolphin Encounter

You're standing in shallow water standing on a platform and the dolphin swims back and forth in front of you doing tricks.

You get to pet it like a dog and give it a kiss. It kisses you too! Photos are taken in case you want to buy them. You can take your camera too.

Dolphin Swim Adventure

You start out on the platform in shallow water just like above and do everything in the Dolphin Encounter BUT you also get to go for a ride holding on to the dolphin.

This requires you to swim or tread out a little bit and then the dolphin comes up to your side, you grab onto his/her dorsal fin and you two go sailing through the water together.

I did this one. Fun! Photos are taken in case you want to buy them. You can take your camera too.

Dolphin Royal Swim

You get to go for a ride with the dolphin as described in the Dolphin Swim Adventure HOWEVER you hold onto TWO dolphins AND you get to stand on top of them afterwards like an acrobat while they swim. That's next on my list to try.


PRICING & AVAILABILITY of the Dolphin Swim Programs


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