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Oahu Vacation Guide is a one-stop resource for visiting the island efficiently & cost-effectively. I'll give you guidance on how to plan your own vacation and avoid the typical tourist-trap mistakes.



Below are some of the top things to do including the #1 attraction in all of Hawaii, the active volcano on the Big Island. A day trip is definitely worth considering.

You will learn...

Vacation ideas for itineraries...More info

Pearl Harbor Do's and Don'ts...More info

Top Things to Do whether you're a family, single person or return visitor..More info



Go to the places that you really want to visit on your own terms. Imagine being able to get advice from a local person living there. I'm a former concierge who's lived here over 12 years. I'll also tell you about:

  • Why it's the most affordable & convenient

  • Where the Hollywood movie locations are

  • The big waves of the north shore & the great places to eat

  • Why having a car here is optional and not necessary

  • The miles of beaches including secret ones off the beaten track

  • How to relax or play by day & then party or shop at night

  • How there is something here for everyone whether you're a luxury or budget traveler

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Look for the Best Budget Hotels to stay in...Learn more

15 Free Things to Do...Learn more

How to use The Bus to get around-we have one of the best systems in the country...Learn more

Ride the Waikiki Trolley to self explore at a discount..Learn more



Honolulu Events & Beyond

Learn about the latest events and festivals in Honolulu and island-wide. Detailed event calendars and holiday information.

Ongoing Events such as Eat the Street, ART after Dark, 1st Fridays

How to eat like a local and do it for cheap

Free cultural events at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

The huge flea market at the Aloha Stadium

The art, culture & nightlife in Chinatown at First Fridays

More info here


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Where is Oahu?

On a global map we're a speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but only about 5.5 hours from the west coast of the US or 2400 miles from California.

It takes that much time to get from Los Angeles to New York. We're about 8.5-9 hours south of Japan and north of Australia.

It's just far enough from everybody to maintain its pristine beaches and crystal clear water but close enough that it's doable for most people. Sometimes a week is just what the doctor ordered...


Oahu Vacation guide-Why Me?

I make suggestions based on my years of experience working in the tourist, hotel and corporate relocation industry here.

I've worked as concierge and have taken all of the questions and concerns that I've heard and answered them here.

This is your one stop information source. I've lived on the north, south and east sides as well so I know.

kahana valley oahu

Along with suggestions from my local friends this site is a labor of love. I'll tell you if you should skip something, try it or if it's a must do. Learn from my experiences-good and bad and use it to your advantage.

I'm a transplant from Chicago over 12 years ago. I left behind a cold weather and a busy, stressful life in finance...and have never looked back.

Whether this is your 1st time or 10th time to Hawaii this island is very enjoyable and I welcome you to participate with your feedback and suggestions.



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