Waimea Valley Oahu
Journey to a Hidden Waterfall

One of the best things about Waimea Valley on Oahu is the fact that it has a hidden waterfall. It is also a sacred spiritual place of Hawaiian spirituality, history & culture. Managed by the Audubon Society the grounds are gorgeous and immacutely maintained.

The waterfall is easily accessible and doesn't require trekking through a jungle or special shoes. People of all abilities and ages can go and if the weather's been nice you'll probably get to swim in it if you can brave the cold water.

Options and General Information



waimea valley oahu

This photo was taken after a lot rain had been falling in the area so that's why the water is brown. It is not normally like that.

The advantage of lots of rain is that the waterfall gushes quite heavily and makes the site spectacular.

Size: 45 ft tall; the pool depth is 30ft

Distance to waterfall: 3/4 or .75 of a mile one way; if too far to walk they will give you a ride on a golf cart for a small fee. Takes about 30 minutes one way.

Terrain: Paved walkways

Can I swim: Yes and no. They usually will but if it's been raining a lot and the water is dirty like in the above picture they may say no. It is best to check with the lifeguard on duty. Jumping & diving are never permitted.

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The Valley

One of the best things about Waimea Valley is the journey to get to the waterfall. At over 1875 acres it is lush and tropical with giant sized plants and flowers whose beauty will boggle the mind. Here is a map of the valley and gardens.

waimea valley oahu bridge and creek

Meander along paved pathways with side trails that lead off to little secret nooks as you make your way. There's bamboo forests, ginger and wild ferns.

They have little signs on the trees and in front of the plants that will tell you the name of what you are seeing.

waimea valley oahu nature

They also have larger signs that will explain the Hawaiian meanings, significance and history of the valley and certain sections. It is very peaceful and zen.

I also like that they have little benches and tables along the way in case you'd like to stop and rest or take in the beauty around you.

waimea valley oahu secret stairs

While walking I like that I can hear the sounds of the creek bubbling below. They also have little paths that go down there if you'd like to explore.

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Location, Hours & Getting There

Waimea Valley is located on the north shore of Oahu almost exactly across the street from Waimea Bay. It requires driving down a long road off the main hwy for a few minutes before reaching the parking lot.

The exact address is 59-864 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI
Phone number is 808-638-7766
Website address is www.waimeavalley.net


I think that stopping by Waimea Valley while touring the north shore is easily doable. I would allow about 1.5 hours for everything including parking, paying, going to the waterfall and relaxing.



Open daily from 9am-5pm
Closed Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day




Wildlife & Plants

There's a fair amount of wildlife here including peacocks, ducks and swans. If you're lucky you'll catch one of the peacocks with its wing spread wide open. The one in the photo below was shy and wouldn't show off for me.

waimea valley oahu peacock

Pictured below is a cluster of bamboo in a little mini forest. Expect to see several gardens while making your way to the waterfall. Currently they have 35 gardens spread over 150 acres.

It is one of the most extensive collections of Polynesian plants and flowers in the world. They are arranged by category such as geographically or whether or not they are native to Hawaii.

waimea valley oahu bamboo

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Facilities & Accessibility

waimea valley oahu restaurant

They have a restaurant, souvenir shop onsite as well as a snack concession on the way to the waterfall.

The food is actually pretty good here. I remember have a fresh fish sandwich here a couple of times. While eating you're surrounded by lots of lush foliage which is really nice.

waimea valley oahu souvenir shop

Waimea Valley is very accessible. The main paths are all paved and normal street shoes are sufficient although I recommend comfortable walking shoes or sandals.

If the 30 minute walk is too much for either $5 one way or $8 round trip they will give you a lift to the waterfall in a golf cart.

waimea valley oahu path

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Costs & Tours

Whether going by yourself or doing a tour there will be a cost to visiting the valley. For more information on admission please visit the website here.

Admission Costs

Children (4-12yo)-$7.50
Senior (60+yo)-$7.50

Kamaaina/Military Adults-$10
Kamaaina/Military Children (4-12yo)-$5
Kamaaina/Military Senior (60+yo)-$5

Individual Annual Pass-$50

Family Pass-$100 (2 adults and up to 6 children under 18yo)

Group Rate-$12 per person (group of over 10 adults)

Golf Cart Ride to Falls-$5 one way, $10 round trip



Another option is to take a tour which will include the cost of admission. There are different typs of tours ranging from eco-adventures to sit back and relax circle island tours. There's also a do-it-yourself but just give me transportation option. Check them out below:

Circle Island Tour

The Surf Bus ALL-DAY Adventure(sort of a shuttle)

North Shore Adventure

North Shore Snorkel & Waterfall Safari

Circle Island, Waterfall & Shrimp Truck Tour


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