Whale Watching Oahu

Whale watching Oahu is an AMAZING, awe-inspiring activity you MUST do if here in Hawaii during the months of late November through mid April. It's our version of an African safari except that you're out in the water.

The whales travel here yearly on an exodus from Alaska in order to have their babies. Afterwards, they travel back.

Imagine waking up, boarding a boat, sailing out to the not so distant sea with nothing in view on the horizon, total silence in the air and then all of a sudden everyone erupting with exhilaration and excitement because breaking through the water's surface is a whale!

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Super Close-Up of Breaching Whale

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What It's Like

I know we've all seen whales before on tv and in magazines but it's quite another to see this absolutely massive yet graceful creature leap into the air like a missile and then crash back down with water exploding everywhere.

Most of the time you see one its fins emerge or it'll eek its head up and blow out a spout of water. Other times you see a mother with a baby whale and then you'll see another whale nearby. whale watching oahu observers

Expect to kind of run around a lot or at least turn your head and body as people exclaim "Over here! Look!" or "Over there! In front! No, to the side!".

The captain and crew help point out sightings as well and steer the boat toward where the whales are.

I've never seen so many grown people (including myself) turn into absolutely giddy children.

People clap and cheer and their eyes are wide as saucers and the looks on their faces are absolute amazement. As a cherry on to you can probably expect to see dolphins as well.

Depending on what side of the island you are on, such as the west side most cruises are dolphin/whale watch cruises.

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Whale Watching Oahu-Cruises

Most of the cruises for whale watching on Oahu include breakfast or lunch depending on the time of day you decide to go.

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The type of boat can be a cruise ship or a catamaran of various types so it depends upon what type of experience you are looking for and how adventurous you want to be.

The catamarans can travel faster and further and are better for those prone to sea sickness but the cruise ship offers more comfort with tables, observation decks and lounge chairs.

Most organized whale watching like this is either done on the south or west shores. I prefer the west because it's more remote and scenic.

I think the whale and dolphins prefer it too because you'll probably see more but during peak whale season they're all over.Also going by boat is the best otherwise you're just seeing a splash of water from a distance.


PRICING & AVAILABILITY (remember the season is mid-December to mid-April)


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